Redknapp won’t pre-judge John Terry


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp wants John Terry’s critics to wait for the outcome of the FA’s investigation.

The Football Association (FA) have launched an investigation into an alleged racial slur by Terry towards Ferdinand in Sunday’s west London derby at Loftus Road.

Terry denies the accusation.

Redknapp told a press conference: “There is no room in life, let alone football for racism. It is not what we want.

“I don’t want to be pre-judging what John did. I wouldn’t have a clue whether he did it or not. Only he knows that. It’s up to the FA to get to the bottom of what happened.”

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  1. Can we stop getting on with this bollocks. When people tell ypou this and this is rascist they are usually the cunts that sold England by the pound. I like Harry but hes not a genius on the social structure of a politico/economic framework and thats where your so called rascist stuff goes. Karl Marx's preface to engels "The Conditions of the English Working class 1875" should be read by everyone wanting to understand why we have got so many immigrants in our country and its not just ethnics , its French, Italians, Spanish the lot. Basically we are the Social assistant for a corrupt Europe where young people can't foind a job but thats not our prob so Arry SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! John Terry? Well Rio Ferdinand to me is a liar or a stirrer look how he fucked up Andy Grays career.

  2. The Great Wen
    Fulham – European champions: how the London football map might have looked. Check out this post on this blog for a laugh. This ids funny specially the bit about the geezer looking like hes a nutter


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