Redknapp puts the pressure on Levy


Harry Redknapp has urged Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to bring in the three top-quality players.

“I want Daniel to go out and get three fantastic players now to come in,” Redknapp told Sky Sports News.

“You can’t say that just because we didn’t make the Champions League, we’re not going to improve next year.

“If you do that then we’re not going to get in it again. That’s a fact, because you won’t pass the teams that finished above you last year.

“If we don’t improve then they will improve. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal – they will improve, and Man City… they’re unbelievable. They are never going to stop improving as will Kenny (Dalglish) with Liverpool now.

“You have to keep improving if you want to keep anywhere near those teams. I certainly feel we need three players of real quality if we are going to compete with those teams otherwise it will be very difficult.”

Although he fears that his rivals will all embark on spending sprees this summer, Redknapp insists that his team can make the top four next year and even challenge for the title.

“I don’t see why it’s not impossible to get into the Champions League again,” the 64-year-old said.

“I’ve said I want to win the championship with Tottenham. I want to win the Premier League.”

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  1. No he doesn't, they have already discussed transfer targets, the players who can leave and the players who can't. You have to be pretty stupid to believe otherwise like yourself.

  2. This just shows you how Harry speaks too much to the media we never failed because we never signed any players but we did failed because we signed one who never full fitted in to our system and Horrendous injury's . Harry also made a few mistakes.playing 4411 and when Huddlestone was missing it failed because Van played to deep and we had no one to hit the killer pass. This meant our strikers had no game time to get fit and sharp and when they did score in the next game Champions League Defoe or Pav where benched and upset. Both Man City and Chelsea bought big in January but this never helped them keep there places Torres or Dzeko made no impact so Harry is wrong to say we failed King played three games we won all three and Huddlestone played in those three games . I truly believe if those two players would have played in all of our games we would have got into the top three no problem and Gomes would not have. done so many gaffs while King was on the field. We have the players to compete next year but Harry is in a hurry before he goes to the England job. But i believe Stuart Pierce will get the job if he does well in the under 21 tournament the reason why David Bernstien was his chairman at City and he got te job against the odds and he will do the same for Pierce. We need to use Rose Walker Bongani Townsend Caulker and Bostock Kane and show us we ave a great squad used in the right way to compete.


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