Redknapp reacts angrily to post-match questions


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp defended his players after Tottenham threw away a two goal lead to draw 2-2 with Werder Bremen.

A Petri Pasanen own goal and a Peter Crouch header gave Spurs a dream start, only to allow the home side back into the game.

Redknapp reacted angrily to suggestions that Spurs had been given a Champions League lesson.

“What lessons can I learn because they score? What can I do?” Redknapp said.

“How can they learn lessons?

“We’re always talking about lessons – ‘Did you learn a lesson? Was it a lesson in Champions League football?’

“No, it’s a game of football. We’re 2-0 up; they’ve got a goal out of nothing – it happens.

“It could happen at Hackney Marshes on Saturday afternoon.

“We went away to play Young Boys of Bern, we went 3-0 down. We came back and got two goals back that won the tie for us. It happens in football.

“If we play like that every game, we won’t go too far wrong.”

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  1. First half..jenas was rubbish. Corluka was rubbish. Second half…jenas was still rubbish, corluka was still rubbish, kaboul was rubbish, palacios was rubbish. Why was jenas picked?! He cant even get in the prem team for gods sake!!

  2. Agree with big H. It’s not a champions league lesson as the press like to put it. It is a football lesson. I don’t think the context had anything to do with it. Did Spurs get a premiership lesson at the weekend against WBA?

    Come on media, be reasonable and just see it for what it is. You do love a bit of hype.

    Great first half performance from the lads though. Passing was quick and true. Pass of the match was definitely that ball from Jenas. I’ll take more of that please Jermaine.

  3. Starting Jenas was dumb. He is clearly not match fit. Sandro would of been better along with Hudd, at least Sandro is match fit and just won a continental competition.

  4. I believe I saw Bremen handed an even harsher lesson in the first half…no mention of that? You would think Spurs had been thrashed 4 – 0 and dumped out of the competition. Were Man U handed a European lesson by Rangers they also drew?

  5. Yeah Gooders i thought Jenas played well, the best i have seen of him for a while. Lennon was quite, Keane was a bag of shite whilst he was on. I would of brought Pav on for VDV and Gio for Lennon and if Arry really wanted to sure up the midfield, then id of brought Palacios on for Jenas or Thud, what was the point of bringing Palacious on for Lennon and leaving him on the right ? I was expecting Jenas to switch but they never did

    • Macca, I think Palacios was brought on to try and stop Marin slicing through us down our right hand side. Palacios managed that in part but didn’t do much else.

  6. Jenas played well. Some Spurs fans dislike a player and that's it, no matter how well he plays he is always rubbish.


    Others stating Sandro (you know, the guy who has never played in europe or for us) should play instead of Jenas? I'm sorry but what part of your brain made you think that is at all logical?

  7. This just shows how there is no such thing has an eye witness with some of our supporters or should i say critics. The lads where superb till Ekotto had one of his mental blocks and kicked the ball backwards a great skill if the ref had blown the whistle . He then finished by allowing the player to get in front of his skinny frame and score his great pass was ruined in one stupid moment. its a good job Galles was not on the pitch he would have bollocked him because King said nothing to him .This his the problem we need a shouter when we are struggling for ideas near the end of games and nearing half time some players stop doing the simple things right This could be why Harry was going to name Gallas because he proved at Arsoles he will shout if we don't defend the right way .

  8. Great first 40 mins, but we'll win nothig with those fullbacks. Not sure what is wrong with Charlie, but BAE just as bad as usual. having been in football forever, surely HR can see that he is just not good enough. Why is he still picked? Why is he still at WHL?
    Not a fan of Jenas but thought he was great last night. Maybe HR has worked a bit of man-management-magic with him a la Bentley??

  9. davspurs i dont know why u said we need a shouter, benny knows he messed up, thats why king said nothing. all shouting does is starts off bickering in the team. kings a true pro.


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