Redknapp reflects on disgraceful Spurs performance


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp was left to reflect on an embarrasing Tottenham performance after the 4-0 thumping at the hands of Fulham.

Michael Dawson was sent off in the first half after some awful defensive decisions and will now serve a three-match ban.

“I haven’t seen it but everyone thought it was a harsh decision,” Redknapp said. “We could have done without the sending-off, that’s for sure.

“We’re getting short of numbers and, from having loads of centre-halves, we now have Kaboul having an operation, Dawson suspended and King and Woodgate out, so that leaves is with two, (William) Gallas and (Sebastian) Bassong.

“We have games Wednesday and the weekend and it becomes a different game with one spare defender.

“We got off to a disastrous start and it was game over after the two penalties. They were uncharacteristic errors from people.

“You don’t see Michael making too many errors but he has had a nightmare start, giving the ball away, the penalty and then the sending-off.

“It has nothing to do with tactics when someone gives the ball away and we bring them down for a penalty, lose the ball and try to dribble out of trouble. It’s nothing to do with tactics.”

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  1. Awful display from Spurs today! Definitely the worst of the season! We are crying out for a striker and a ball winning midfielder! Lets hope Harry can do some last minute deals!

  2. Nothing to do with tactics but hell of a lot to do with selection and formation mr redknob..if playing with one striker make sure it is a big player not teeny weeny defoe..besides hughes teams are always physical and bruising, so you pick your team accordingly, if opposition is pressurising you just outside your half, you need to by pass the midfield which means you need a physical striker to hold the ball up…basically you fucked up another game..i think, mr levy seriously should look for a top notch manager to move us further, coz you starting to waste clubs resources as well.

    • Hughes's teams are always physical and bruising? Who gave away two penalties throug being physical?
      Danny Murphy is Physical???????

    • Spot on mate! The game actually reflects Harry. That idiot is clueless! You need to get the ball behind the defenders so you get better scoring chances. Unfortunately there was none! To break Fulham backlines right thru in the middle over and over again thruout the whole 90 minutes is utter crap. You need to evaluate situations and improvise tactics, yet Harry can't think about that. I do not blame the ref for the 2 pens, Daws was an idiot at that point of time, so as Bassong. Those are the basic stuff you don't do in the pen box yet both of them still do it. Played 10 men after Daws red card and we were further down to 9 when that fecking lamp post came on. Mark my words, there be no CL nights anymore at the Lane next season, you will see Bale in Inter/Madrid shirt, Vdv plying his trade in the Bundesliga, Lennon of to Italy, Pav back in Russia and…. we will still end up with Crouchie, Keane and Defoe upfront!! Harry OUT! In Martin O'neill!!

        • LOL! You must be blind mate, pity you. Feck off to the pikeys…? after you. Anyway, I do like Harry, when he uses his brain more.

      • The performance and the mistakes made against Foolham lay solely with those who took the pitch. The two penalties came from two Dawson mistakes. You can say that were uncharacteristic mistakes, but I beg to differ. Dawson as proven throughout his career, if pressed will became hesitate and completely apprehensive. He has blossomed under the guidance of Ledley King and looks lost without a quick minded and sharp tongued partner. Bassong is of the same making so in my eyes it was a recipe for disaster when the line-up was announced.

        We made Foolham look like world beaters because we never showed up to do the basic things. Lennon rarely tracked back and once Sandro was pulled to compensate for Dawson's sending off you knew it wold get rougher. Defoe hardly ever tracks back, something you see all top sides do, he stays in the top half moving from left to right. With a man advantage this is poor teamwork. I would expect someone of Defoe's calibre to know this and track back like Van der Vaart does. It offers options and can confuse defenders. Both of Foolham's centrehalves are slow yet we never got at them, instead we lofted ball after ball in. Defoe is 5ft 7in, Hangeland is 6ft 5in. You do the math.

        If we are to believe that man will be spent this transfer window then we need a target man and a top notch defensive midfielder. A proper one, not a box-to-box midfielder who can run all day but one who knows his job and sticks to it. We have defensive minded players in Palacios and Jenas but neither of them have the mindset to marshal the backline and the midfield. Bring in Lassana Diarra, spend the cash and bring in quality. As for a target man, forget Sergio Agüero and Luis Suarez, go after Fernando Llorente or Mario Gómez. Both have pedigree and experience, and both fight for the ball and know where the goal is.

  3. Serves us right for not investing. We should have gone out a got players as soon as we knew we were in Champions League with guaranteed income. We should have got rid of a lot of our players who just cannot perform for us. Most of all we should have gone out and got a world class striker who can score goals. Look at us now. We can’t defend, can’t score, can’t dictate a match and we keep creating all the chances a decent striker would put away, mainly Crouch, but we just cannoot score to save our lives. I am really pissed off with spurs lack of ambition and am left wondering about the players we keep going after such as has beens, midfield players and am now getting to the stage where I just don’t care. Just get someone in that can score a goal other than a midfield player.

  4. If ur ever going to have a performance like that, the day before transfer deadline day is probably the time. We desperately needed a striker and central defender in the summer. Were up to the eyeballs with quick-footed hobbits in midfield, what we need is a massive frontman.

  5. Watched the game at Craven Cottage, what are we doing, bunch of CLOWNS running round in big red floppy shoes and as for Defoe is he immitating a GHOST!! he’s did sod all, heard his name said once on the 46th min, Gomes! jesus i think its down to him for the shocking defending, he gets the ball and passes it out far to quickly normally giving it to a defender whos MARKED!! what is he playing at, KICK THE F%&#ING THING!! I’ve never been so angry with a spurs display as i am right now! what a joke!… Pienaar ?? wtf have we signed him for, hes looked lost both in the newcastle game and now in this one, we need a left back and a world class striker, BUT NEVER FEAR PIENAAR IS HERE!! yeah great over the moon! Dawson, great guy but i can only laugh because he had a SHOCKER!! make one mistake, ok, but two massive ones hahaha poor guy! COME ON ARRY SORT IT OUT, FULHAM HAVE JUST EMBARRESED US!! COYS!!

  6. Harry made his comments straight after the game but he needs to go away and watch and study the game.Then he needs to shake things up,all teams have off days and we are no different but a good manager knows when to drop players who are under performing.He now has to look at our weaknesses as well as our strengths and act on them where he can.The striker,midfield hardman and left back cover have been a problem for a long time but today even allowing for an off day showed that Hutton can be a weakness sometimes and Corluka is the same on occasions.WE HAVE ABOUT 24 HOURS TO GET A STRIKER ETC SO FINGERS CROSSED THAT THEY CAN GET A DEAL SORTED AND LIFT OUR SPIRITS.

  7. will you bring in a striker already!? stop loaning out our youth and stop bringing midfielders. Strikers are our main priority at this point. This season will be shit if you don’t rotate players and stop playing Crouch for fucks sake

  8. Harry was trying not to blame tactics but he has to hold his hands up with the players on this one!

    Lennon on the left Peinar on the right, defoe up front on his own??????????????

    We are self distructing, why didnt Harry just play Kranjar on the left Lennon on the right, JJ and Modders in the middle and Crouch or Pav up top if he was playing VDV?



  9. in harry we trust but sorry h your very much mistaken.

    it was negative tactics that invited fulham to attack us and close us down in our own half.

    were a better team with better players so why play defoe on his own up front hes not a striker who holds the ball up and brings other players in to play.

    no ball winner in midfield either thats why they pressed so deep in our half from the start.

    their fullbacks had a licence to push forward.

    just play two up and see were it takes us.

    neville rb/ parker midfield/ and a top draw striker please.

  10. bring in Bryan Ruiz or Fernando Llorente. They will score and you can teach them how to knock the ball down to Van der Vaart, it's not fucking rocket science. You have two options, surely an improvement from Crouch.

  11. So many clueless comments… bad day at the office, no need for all this negativity. Best to lose now than in CL and league. 1 less competition to worry about.

    • pezza , shut up you clown. We havent a prayer in champions league or league, . our form recently has been dismal. GET RID OF CROUCH AND DEFOE . I am sick to the teeth of them and our spineless midfield. would united , liverpool man city or arsenal capitulated like we did today? not a chance. that was a heartless gutless display shame on you harry for bringing crouch to this club . shame on you. Any takers on livepool finishing above us this year ? bear in mind we have to go to anfield, city and the bridge while things will be back to normal when the gooners hammer us at home. Shame on you harry redknapp the sooner you are gone the better

        • why wouod we bring in hogson, look at harrys track record. we won the f.a cup with pompey.. look at them now. he has a brillaint squad of players but does not want to use them. dreadufl dreadful man manager and is tactically naive

          • Yeah, let's get rid for Redknapp and get back to our old habbits. I mean, who wants to play in the Champions League anyways…

    • Not clueless just comments from fans hurting following a humiliation this afternoon. The need for new recruits was discussed when we were doing well, today merely highlights just how ordinary we are in some positions. A goalkeeper that routinely costs us goals, good shot stopper but poor in every other way and breeds panic in our back 4. A right back that has 1 good game followed by 3 poor. A strong midfield general that can tackle and allow the creative players around to do their thing and finally 3 strikers, none of whom could get into the squads of the teams above us. Look at the stats – 6 goals.

      Finally a hapless manager that has allowed us to capitulate in the first half on 4 occasions – Young Boys, Inter, Arsenal and Fulham

      So Pezzza, fuck off with your non plussed attitude cos football is about feelings and passion not detached objectivity

  12. Top players don’t become shit over night. Until we have the same mentality as the likes of Utd or Mourino (yep I mean his ego) loosing just isn’t an option. There isn’t the atitude ” oh well, there’s always the next game ” they just don’t believe there’s anything but winning. When Harry, the board, players and supporters get this in thier heads, then we’ll finally turn that corner.

  13. Thanks Pezza, I thought I was on a gooner site for a min!

    Bad day is all it was, find a striker now Keanes gone and move on.

    Fickle little lot arn’t we? Amazing you would think Harry’s dragged us down the table

  14. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah!


    • What a bellend and his team scraping through against the lower league opposition as always,go and bend over for Arsene you muppet.

  15. self distruct button again it was an attacking team but youve got to dominate from the start daws had a mare no way back after that, i’ll take a defeat today for 6 points in the prem and a draw at milan

  16. dawson was awful,aboul is better in pair with gallas…harry needs a high school for subtitutes…anti-talented guy what to say…and pienaar instead of kranjcar…harry you must be joking…where is PAV , he is on holiday or what??
    and we cant wait for defoe anymore…last few month jenas is regulary put in game…when i see that no.8 is coming i am preparing myself for boring game…

  17. People need to chill out FFS. 2 defeats in 16. I’m glad we are outa the cup, and its a kick up the arse we need. Last year we lost 2-0 to pompey in the semi, week later we had beat woolwich wanderers and chelski. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Levy has pumped too much money in already to see us in the CL, and he won’t let us go down without a fight, even if that means a change of manager eventually. But now is not right, harry has done so well for us, 1 bad day shouldn’t mean the bullet. Stop bein so fickle.

  18. Llorente not a chance of him coming as his buy out price is 35ml and that is for teams in Spain.Never ever going to happen forget it.Carroll is our only option and i am not sure if he is ready ,a lot of pressure to put on the guy.Don't know where we go from here but then i don't think Harry does either.We need to pass the bloody ball not hit it and hope to 3mp as this is easy to defend and 3mp is sh8 in the air well all round .

    • Goonerman. You & your so called team should be ashamed of what you did to Huddersfield. Just a pack of CHEATS. It just shows what a weak little team you are when you have to cheat toi beat a division one team. Very sad really.

  19. Yes Goonerman to be a top 4 team regularly you have to know how to cheat your wy to beating League 1 teams like Huddersfield……..didn't Chamakk play basketball before he joined you lot?

  20. If They were not playing football what sort of jobs would most of them have?. I dont think i would let them walk my dogs.Dawson Braindead. How come millions YES millions of Spurs fans around the world Know we needed 2 top class

    strikers 3 years ago but we do the quick fix or the shady cheap deal. With strikers you get what you pay for almost every time.I think Defoe and The Giraffe have scored 1 goal between them?. Our youngsters would at least have got games at Somwhere like the Arse and dont think they could have done any worse than these clowns. They can buy a new Ferrari every 2 weeks. If paid on results they would be skint.FRUSTRATED

    Hau Hin Thailand

  21. Ohhh…please come get Llorente. I barely seen Crouch play, but from your comments, it seems he is just good at holding up the play, nothing else!

    I have seen Llorente play, and from what i seen of him, very similar to what Crouch does but waaay slower!!!

    Please come get him!!

  22. Okay bad day for Dawson, but that can be put down to simply that a bad day for him !(and it cost us) he doesn´t have many, why did Harry take of Sandro and leave bASSONG on ? Am i the only one that see´s he´s a liability? get Neville in , rotate him Dawson and Gallas in the Middle, bae on the left and hutton on the left are good enough,i finally see Gomes just aint gonna do it ! defoe is shit , so is crouch , if we dont sign a striker , it´s pav an 2 saints up front for me ! but most of all get some Fíng fight into the players , hate to compliment manu but even with a team of top players they dont rest on they´re laurels, and work hard every game to get the results !!!! thats what it takes!!!

  23. What’s the point in having quality players in our squad when we’ve got a shit manager who doesn’t know how to use them. The ginger twat seems to have the hump because he’s never involved in the major signings. That’s because he’s dodgy wheeler deeler and the only players he can attract is average africans and players the wrong side of thirty! With the exception of The Freak (crouch). But that says it all in my book.

  24. what the fuk is he talking about we have no-one else who can play in the back 4? his twitch must be affecting his memory, did we not just get khumalo??! get a fukin striker u old bastard

  25. That was sooo embarassing. It proved and confirmed to me that Hutton cannot defend (week in and week out); Bassong is just an ordinary player and not up to our standard. As soon as Dawson was sent off, Crouch should have been brought on for Defoe etc etc etc. WE NEED TWO NEW FULL BACKS & ONE WORLD CLASS CENTRE HALF…who can defend and importantly, organise ..AND TWO WORLD CLASS STRIKERS. I have not seen capitulation like that since the Italians threw the towel in during the 2nd WW…..and I think I will embarassed for some time to come!!

  26. This has got nothing to do with our squad you all make me laugh and i don't say this taking the piss because all Spurs fans are my Fellow Cockerels. But if you sat down and looked at there squad man for man and see how much they paid for them and where they came from you would question the logic of it all. This is not just happening in England but Scotland and Spain all Country's have had players suddenly dying this has made football a game of shocks and instead of heavy pitches noisy fans its now Energy that's the great leveller and you all need to no i have seen it and had it confirmed by testers they no its about but all these energy drinks are stopping them from catching offenders so you must factor this when you are talking of shock results. Danny Murphy who was let go by us for being stuck i 3rd gear is now older but playing in 6th gear. He said is manager told them to press the back four high up the pitch and make us hit the ball long and they did but to do this you have to be very fit and don't forget they played Wednesday against the team who where reported three seasons ago and only went slower when there man at the FA was sacked Barwick they are now energised again because i stopped telling blogs about them. So when you see a team with four lug players Dempsy Dembelli Johnson Murphy Sidwell who has hardly played all pressing our team and denying any space sit and think like i have to do and ask is it real. Because Real Madrid 0 Osasuna 1 is another shock.but not with what i no its not. Coys

  27. We have been poor for some weeks now. There is more room in a lift than Defoe finds in 90 minutes. How many headres on target has Crouch had this year. We are not moving the ball quick enough in any area of the park, we have lost our shape and are running out of things to win.

    We have some great players but somethings wrong with Harry’s thinking.

    Remember last seasons win at Man City, Harry relented and listened to his coaching staff as to how we should play. He needs to do so again and fast.

  28. Perfect summary from stokey yid says:

    January 30, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    I agree completely, what a shower of shit against Fillum, have to blame Harry and the wild formation on this one, come on Harry where was Kranky on the left for gods sake, you said it yourself only a few days ago.

  29. Spurs fans ???

    We outclassed Manchester Utd only just a few weeks back !

    same squad, same manager, same tactics

    Pienaar offers cover/competition for Lennon AND Bale, allowing Bentley and Dos Santos to jog-on

    stop pi$$in and moaning

  30. People forget redknapp reached the champions league with what he mainly inherited now that he’s got his feet under the table look at what has come into the club Crouch Dafoe Keane Piennar and the only worlclass player VDV no chance of winninglooks like Europa league for us if were

    lucky, out of both cups all we’ve got is a European

    holiday Redknapp had the opportunity to move us further forward but he’s unable to Cause Huddlestone ability limited ability

    • ThaT Should have read redknapp is limited ability wise as manager. We’ve gone backwards Harry fancies a player Levi does his best to get him we need a dof to structure the club scouting, player contracts, youth development, making sure we have a balanced first team not a team with 3 rightbacks with a bid made for Phil fecking Neville somebody’s buying crack on broadwater


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