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Harry Redknapp rued Tottenham’s failure to see off Stoke City, after seeing his side slip to a 1-0 defeat at White Hart Lane.

Glenn Whelan’s 86th minute goal proved costly, after Spurs had a number of chances to go ahead and could have been at least 3-0 up in the first-half.

Redknapp told the official site: “We had so many chances, efforts cleared off the line, we hit the post, it just wouldn’t go in.

“Their goalkeeper had a great day as well.

“We went down to 10 men late on because I’d made all my substitutions and Aaron Lennon got a knock and couldn’t continue.

“In the last 15 minutes you’re sitting there with 10 men thinking ‘perhaps we’ll take a point today’ because it becomes very difficult and we just got caught with what must have been their only shot at goal, a great finish from the lad.

“The longer you’re there you think ‘it’s not just going to go in’ and then they hit us with a sucker punch. I’ve seen it so many times over the years.

“Stoke worked hard and made it difficult for us but I still felt we had enough of the game to win comfortably. That’s how it goes.”

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  1. Come on, lets be realistic – as usual we all think we are up for it this season only to be hit with reality come November. Top 4 this season

    1) Chelsea
    2) Man U
    3) Arsenal
    4) Man City

  2. This result is not a shock to me and will keep happening until the new drug testing laws are brought in to force.These new and better laws should already be implemented but objections by the FA and Sir Alex Ferguson plus the players union the PFA and they are still not in force .The reason for my mentioning this is results like what has happened at white hart lane and other games this year and last and the blatant use of energy drug because the ufa testers are watching since platinni took charge.But in the premiership to subsidise there energy levels .Teams that are also desperate to stave of relegation are also using this drug and i warned every Spurs fan about this abuse and got laughed at over my grammer well some of them doubters should take a good look at stoke wigan pompy an boltons of this league and smell the energy abuse that can help teams defend for there lives and snatch a win with players over thirty and costing about 2 million on average .So the moral is dont spend millions on players when the thing that equalises is cheaper and called ENERGY ABUSE.

  3. DAVSPURS what are you going on about. Spurs could and perhaps should have scored three or four in the first half. Would you be going on like this then? What about earlier this year when you had scored 3 after 20 minutes (although you had the mercurial Modric on that day who tore us to shreds). You are talking tosh and should be ashamed. Stoke are well known for their effort and never say die attitude – less well known for their skill. Just go back where you came from and shut up (or write to the FA with some evidence). Can’t really believe I responded to this drivel…

  4. The answer to stokie is yes since i discovered a team that hammered you were taking it two years ago and knowing what to look for win or lose my campaign will go on till cheats fuck of bolton pompy and the only different s was the other two was away otherwise we would have bean under attack by Stoke .And by the way the only other person caught taking energy was a goalkeeper from were you came up from the championship and swapped places with SHEFFEILD. who got man of the match yes your gaunt looking keeper another thing your right about the stats 12 on target to you 2 7 corners to 1. 18 fouls to spurs 8 but where you won the game was your energy levels were way above normal.Even beat tie got is leg above normal to hook crouchs goal of the line Everton fans would be astonished to see him kick is leg that high and not go of injured. Even fatty fuller run himself slim is manager told him to lose weight good job Ephedrine does this for you.

  5. Misfortune! I still believe spurs should make it at the top 4… so long as Germaine Defoe stop being a silly ***! we clearly lacked him. With Peter Crouch, Spurs can only play one monotonous style, bump the ball overhead. It is all to predictable and the creative players become too lazy to tear down the defence.

  6. Disappointed with this result………seriously think we can do well to secure 6th place, not top 4. However, i will be cheering for Man City to gatecrash the Top 4 position this season and hopefully, it will be Arsenal that they replace.

  7. Look…
    Liverpool lost to Sunderland
    Man U lost to Burnley
    Chelsea lost to Wigan

    We lost a game despite dominating and conceived a goal when we were down to 10 men.

    Top 4 is not beyond us, we’re still on course for gaining over 70 points so don’t lose the faith!

  8. Behind, Chelsea, Manchester, Arsenal and above Liverpool and Man City! The PL is a marathon and it’s all about endurance for Harry and his guys …


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