Redknapp released on bail


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Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric have been released on unconditional bail.

The former Portsmouth duo are jointly accused of two counts of cheating the public revenue with tax evasion – both deny any wrongdoing.

They were freed on bail by District Judge Timothy Workman, with the case adjourned until 14th April.

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  1. Harry’s mind is obviously not 100% on the game. He might say he is, but lets be real here. Being in the spotlight for the wrong reasons is distracting. I don’t know. We started the season soo promising. Now the same old feeling from the season’s before is sinking in. So, so dissapointing.

  2. F*ck. After yesterdays fiasco another disappointment. I was banking on the judge keeping him in the clink so that a day could go by without having him spouting off his usual load of b*llsh*t. Maybe with him off the scene someone else with a modicum of knowledge about team selection and tactics could have turned things round. Pity the judge didn’t even consider a gagging order.


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