Redknapp reluctant to sell Pavlyuchenko


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Harry Redknapp admits that he would be reluctant to sell Roman Pavlyuchenko.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker has been linked with a move to Birmingham City after Alex McLeish declared his interest in the Russian.

“We’re not keen to sell him,” Redknapp said.

“We’re happy with him. Technically he’s a terrific player.”

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  1. Read between the lines

    “Technically he’s a terrific player.”

    Er, yes. He’s also a lazy git who’s not prepared to work hard for the team too.

  2. I don’t get you people. Where do u get info saying that Pav is lazy??? Players like Jenas display their lazyness during the game and they still get picked!

  3. I will be so pissed off if we sell him. He is a great player that just aint had the support he needs to adapt to life in a new country, typical British attitude to foreign nationals. I have supported Spurs since 67 but I am getting fed up with Harry’s blatant favourtism it’s not good for the club. Super super super Pav

  4. Not sure which games Stu hasnt seen with Pav in but he is a class player.. its the other lazy gits he should moan about especially Mr Jenas…a total waste of space!

  5. Simple then Harry,play him ahead of crouch and sell keane ,but mark my words Harry wants him out now Gudjohnson is here,he is only saying this because he knows spurs fans want pav.

  6. Pav worked hard making a number of intelligent runs vs leeds and obviously played well. i’d almost forgotten what he looked liked as clearly he has played so infrequently and so it’s impossible to make a proper judgement. Can’t help but think that he offers so much more than either Keane or Crouch (though I suppose the same could have been said of Bent).


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