Redknapp reveals all on Van Der Vaart deal


Rafael Van Der Vaart

Rafael Van Der Vaart is the name on everyone’s lips at Tottenham and we’re all waiting to see if a deal can be announced in time.

The Real Madrid midfielder could be on his way to White Hart Lane in a deal worth £8million, £10million cheaper than he was supposed to be joining Bayern Munich for yesterday.

“It’s still dragging on. We are just waiting to see whether it’s all gone through,” Redknapp told Sky Sports News.

“We are waiting for clearance. The chairman is dealing with it and Darren Eales the secretary, there is nothing more I can do now.”

“I think he was going to Bayern Munich yesterday for about £18million, but suddenly it became an awful lot cheaper,” added Redknapp.

“He is available now for about £8million. He is a quality player. He is a Dutch international and a great footballer.

“For that sort of money, he is a top player and he will improve us for sure. We have made the effort, whether we can pull it off or not we will have to see.

“I am hopeful. It could happen. It was a last-minute job. When I came in this morning it certainly wasn’t something I was looking to do.”

Redknapp added: “He is a great passer of the ball, he is a top footballer. He will join in here and play the way we like to play, he would be a big plus for us.

“He looked like he was going for £18million but then the fee came crashing down because the deadline got close. If the chairman can pull it off, I think he will have got a real bargain.”

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  1. van der vaart for 8 million! we havnt pulled it off just yet but if it is confirmed and goes through then what a signing for a start,and what a bargain!!!

    i wanted young at the lane but when your talking 15 million plus keano and bentley it isnt value for money



    Sky Sports News understands Tottenham missed the 6pm deadline to finalise the signing of Rafael van der Vaart and have asked the Premier League for special dispensation to confirm the deal.

  3. Why is it that the bbc decide to run this story with a vid of Iniesta beating Van der Vaart and scoring Spains WC final winner? What the fuck has hat got to do with anything? The press are so negative towareds Spurs.. Did anyone see Andy Gray and monkey arms Keys slating us after the Champions League draw? WHY? We have to be the least inoffensive side in the top 7 of the PL but people hate to see us do well. Cant these cuntbrained journalists see that it is good for football for a new team to break into the top four? I'd love us to get to the final, obviously, but even moreso to all these parasitic pricks try to jump on the bandwagon!!! I love my Spurs, a;ways have and always will. COYS!!!

    • I was thinking just that when looking at the story on BBC website – Lawrenson and Hansen have a particular venomous streak in them when it comes to talking about us, don't know why but it really gets up people's noses if we even SUGGEST that we are aiming to do well, or sign a big player or whatever. But all we can say is Screw you to all of them! (especially after avoiding the near catastrophe of going out to Young Boys, which would have made a lot of begrudging haters' seasons) GLORY GLORY TH!!!!

  4. And why has this site not yet confirmed that the deal is done??? If your going to tout yourself as THE site for spurs fans, stay awake and report the important news.

    • Hi EssexWHL. Because the site has grown so much lately we're in the process of moving servers – which takes up to 48 hours (20ish hours to go). Once this has been done then we can start adding content again.


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