Redknapp speaks on Robbie Keane’s future


Harry Redknapp is hoping that Robbie Keane can fit back into the Tottenham Hotspur squad.

The Republic of Ireland striker spent six months on loan at Celtic at the end of last season and has been linked with a move to Aston Villa.

“Robbie is a fantastic professional, who trains hard and wants to play,” said the Spurs boss.

“I still think he has a lot to offer. The thing is he wants to play all the time.

“There is every chance he could start the season, but if it doesn’t work out then I am sure he will be the first one to come and tell me that he needs to play somewhere.”

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  1. I cant understand my fellow Spurs fans last year we came up against some world class goalkeeping performances that lasted a week the next week they where crap. Now i will warn all you fans screaming for more players unless the drug testing gets better and target testing is brought in . We lost to Teams with players costing less than one of our subs these teams we lost to or struggled against where the so called weak teams with players costing 2 or 3 million and a few of them where rejects from other clubs . We could spend a fortune on players and then find out they are not that good . Who was it said if you where buying Rooney you would only pay 2 million Harry thats who. I see players every week getting interview on Sky enhanced with substances the sad thing his its not hard to spot.. Lets take Spain every one was raving about them but they still lost there opening game and to play there way you need loads of energy and skill. The skill is there for all to see but you cant coach energy levels and its this that is killing players and the game because if you have 14 players including subs with full tanks for over 90 mins you will mostly win 1-0 and the cover tackling is unbelievable and blocks saves all stop the opposition from scoring . Spain had players in the team that i discovered using this form of Energy 3 seasons ago and that team stopped performing in this way when there man at the Fa was sacked . They have just employed a manager who will make sure they play this high octane way again because is former team also over achieved last year. So my shout is this keep what we have because what we buy may not be the real deal Robbie Keane his if you want to see what i mean take a look at Rugby league and Union and you will see the results are staggering where the bottom team can get hammered by over 50 points then win the top or second team then take a look at the ukad drug testing results its full of both codes failing drug test for energy drugs Growth Hormones the first sportsman in the World was caught this Year in Rugby League. This is some of the drugs Benzoylecgonine.Ephedrine all energizing drugs that players have bean banned for taking and a lot of other drugs. Footballs hall of shame since the premiership started One failed Mutu he was caught by his manager for threatening him high on cocaine . Ferdinand ran away avoiding a two year ban and shame and got eight months with no shame and wages and two youth players taking Benzoylecgonine there names kept secret and small bans of 3 and 5 months . This is another favorite thing the FA like to do keep names a secret all the Football players on the drug site are not named . I don't no whether Football fans are bothered if players cheat because the response on these blogs is hostile to my campaign and seem in total denial there is a problem. i will not be mentioning this again next season and only brought it up to stop our fans clambering for new players when the problem is Teams are cheating to win with players costing half of what we are paying i am happy with our Squad and hope the testers do there job

  2. He will definitely go! I think he should be stripped of vice captain -cos his gesticulating & urging isn't helpful 4 the team. We have to accept a loss on this guy-I don't feel he fits in the squad @ spurs!

  3. therumourman- interesting post- I personally did wonder regards drug taking- for over the period I was surprised how a 35 year old player not normally noted for his quickness was able to keep up with a 20 year old? Any way Judas has been castigated enough. The problem is where big money is flowing then cheating will utlimately ensue. I have even questioned matter regards some of our players- but if you take Lamps as an example: HE GETS PLENTY OF REST: THIS IS KEY TO HIS ENERGY LEVELS.

  4. Rumorman as said before again and again taking epherine will not improve some one like Walcotts crossing and first touch and giving Emile Heskey 50miligrams at have time will not turn him into an out and out goal scorer! Take it from someone who has seen the effects of Epherine that it will not greatly if at all change a game… Stop waffling on about it.. Going by the lenght of your post you must of dropped a couple of taps yourself!!


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