Redknapp: Spurs fans will be happy with Beckham


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp feels Tottenham fans will be pleased if David Beckham signs a loan deal.

Despite Harry stating that he felt the deal was close, reports since have claimed that the two parties are still some way off agreeing a deal on how Beckham’s wages should be paid over the two-month period.

“They will be pleased to have him here.” Redknapp said.

“Everyone respects him. He wants to play football. Most players would sit around thinking: ‘That’s OK. I’ve got eight weeks now to sit around the pool. Go and have a game of golf, or whatever.’ But he wants to play.

“It tells you everything about him. That’s why he’s probably had such a great career. He’s always worked hard. He always puts a shift in. He’s a good trainer. You never hear anybody who ever played with him criticising him.”

Redknapp said: “He wouldn’t come if he wasn’t fit. Have you ever seen him looking fat? He’s not a punchdrunk heavyweight champion coming back, who’s washed up, skint and comes and has another fight and gets knocked out.

“He can deliver that ball.

“It isn’t any good having Peter Crouch if you can’t get the ball to him in the air.

“Beckham will go, I’m sure, ‘there you go, head that’. Not all the time, but he has the ability to do that. He will be a great asset I’m sure.”

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  1. We will be happy if we also got Ronaldinho what a great player he would be at 30 he would be wasted at Blackburn and he would soon get fed up on a cold miserable day in Lancashire.

  2. why the f will we be happy???? too old, no pace and a deliverer of the long ball, so does this mean we will see more of crouch? cause when we do we don’t win….what the f this is all about I have no idea……..

  3. we dont want him harry its all for england and we want players who will help us win and to help us get the top 4 spot again not players who are coming in for only 2months deal i thought levy wants players on 4 to 5 year contracts so how about stuff the beckham deal and sign players like suarez,torres,vidic,gary cahill,snieder,or players with in this range yid army


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