Redknapp: Spurs are interested in Beckham


Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp admits that he is trying to sign David Beckham on loan.

There has been a lot of speculation on forums that Spurs could even announce a deal as soon as tomorrow.

“It’s whether Galaxy will let him go on loan,” said Redknapp. “If they did, we’d be interested and plenty of others would be as well.

“He’d be a good influence to have, the type of lad you want at your club and he’d give the whole place a lift.

“He’s been a fantastic player and he is someone the players would look up to and respect. And I still think he can do a job for sure.

“He had no pace when he was 17 but he had a great brain and a great delivery and strike. He’s a worker.

“It’s not as if he’s suddenly lost blistering pace. He makes the ball do it and plays around people.”

“He isn’t going to come here and get big money – we aren’t massive payers at this club,” Redknapp added.

“He has probably got a fantastic house with a pool and he could sit out there every day and enjoy his life for a few months before he starts with LA Galaxy again.

“But he wants to come over here to the freezing cold and play football.

“Doesn’t that tell you something about the boy that he lives in Los Angeles and he might be a billionaire?

“I’ve heard stories about how much he earns, it is just incredible, mind-blowing.

“He could buy any football club in this country if he wanted to. He is not going to do it for the money is he? That tells you everything about him.”

“I’m not say he’s going to come in and take (Aaron) Lennon’s place but he would be a good option,” Redknapp added.

“I am sure Aaron would love to work with him, on his crossing and everything, and on his final ball. He’d be a good influence around the place.”

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  1. When i first head about it, i was wondering WHY????? But then he has got great presence and influence. Not to mention tonnes of experience which we could use, especially when it comes to closing out games. Might be worth the money.


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