Redknapp: Spurs can’t pay big wages to be a top four side


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp recognises that Spurs are not among the five favourites for title glory.

The Tottenham boss admits that the club cannot lure top players to White Hart Lane by offering big wage packets compared to other clubs.

“Imagine what their wages will be. It’s incredible. They are all on £100-grand-a-week plus. Wages have gone crazy,” said Redknapp.

“It’s gone beyond belief and made it really hard to compete for top players. If you want to be a top-four side, it’s difficult because we can’t pay those kind of wages.

“Our chairman Daniel Levy runs the club well, we get 36,000 fans, you’re not going to put the club in hock. How do you compete with the Man Citys of this world?”

Speaking about the challenge for a top-five spot, Redknapp added: “Fergie didn’t mention us. He stuck Liverpool in there this year and probably with what they have brought in, it’s looking that way.”


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  1. Wev'e read you loud & clearly Harry – just not your fault whether this is your's or the media's opionion, in reality this is justified. The only way out is to carefully select whatever we have in stock & rid those that did play any part part in us qualifying for the CL. Don't buy abroad as this seems prohibitive re: affordable prices & wage demands.Concentrate in building whatever we have to save our faces for the new season. The only part you need to play at Spurs is to work collectively with your team of coaches & be more assertive with the players. Leave the rest to Levy as he seems to be the boffin in running Spurs both as a manager & financially.

  2. Might as well pack up and call it a day then, i wont be renewing my season ticket in future, will have to find a more ambitious team to waste my hard earnt money on, you know one that BELIEVES and WANTS to better itself :)

    • Dude…if you earn half as much as your neighbour, there is no point buying a Ferrari just because he has one. You must somehow increase your own revenue to get closer to him first. This means stadium. It is more than an excuse. Levy is NOT our owner, Lewis is, and he is well minted. But Spurs must live within means. Spending more money is no guarantee of success. Newcastle tried, failed. Leeds tried, failed. Lazio a while back tried and failed. Valencia overstretched themselves recently, and have just had to sell David Silva and David Villa because it did not work. Look at West Ham? That club is broke, yet Kieron Dyer was on a higher salary than any of our players. It is better to progress steadily as we have been doing.

      • More excuses ehh ? what about Man City , Chelscum ?
        Come on , Lewis and Daniel Levy cant bring us the silverware cuz they just use this club to make money – many examples ….. Carrick , Berbatov even , we are not ambitious club , look we dont have big stadium still.
        Our owners are just businessmen , we need owners that want Spurs to win the title.
        END OF STORY.

  3. I find this really weird actually, mainly because our squad is huge. If we trimmed back on numbers a little bit we would be able to pay the top earners a little more. It's a balancing act, and I'm not certain Harry is the right man for it.

  4. I love how the media think Liverpool have a chance at the title yet spurs wont get top 4! Apart from Suarez n Reina I am finding it hard to pick another player I would put in the Spurs side that they have, maybe Carroll but hes still relatively unproven and 35mill for someone who had a good 3 months is stupid money. Our midfield in my opinion is better than Arsenal, liverpool and as good as an ageing utd midfield. We need a 25 goal a season striker and we can challenge. Redknapps attitude is wrong and it must get in the players heads that they can accept to be 6th best! Stop talking crap Redknapp and sign a fucking striker…

  5. Harry is depressingly defferent to Sir Alex. Doesn't have the balls, or belief to beat him. The manager is the most important person at a club. The manager wields the greatest influence upon a team. Harry is a lucky manager, not one of the top bracket unfortunately.

    I wish Levy had displayed the same ruthlessness he did with Jol, with Harry, and snapped Carlo Ancelotti and rammed Chelsea's folly right down their throats.

    Chelsea are an old team now, they desperately need Modric. It will be the brilliance of AVB that will probably keep them in the top4 this season. Lets hope he's not all he's cracked up to be.

    • FERGUSON is more lucky if you want to put it that way. Harry's finishes have been 5th, 4th and 8th (out of 30 games with 2 points) and got to CL qtrs – YET there are still Spurs fans who want him sacked. Ferguson on the other hand started his Man U career with 11th, 2nd, 11th, 13th – yet did not get sacked – that is incredibly lucky. Harry has a much higher win percentage than Jol, Ramos or any Spurs manager for at least 2 decades. That is not luck. A poor manager does not get that record no matter how good or bad the players are. Harry is NOT in Fergie's league of course not. But Man U had to wait 4 seasons to see if he had it or not. Harry has still only had 2.5 seasons at Spurs.

      • Harry is leaving at the end of this season.. How can we build a team when everyone at the club knows the manager wants another job and will take another job at the end of this season! I like Harry he has done a fantastic job for us BUT we should let him go now and bring in Ancelotti (if hed come) and build on what we have.. If you think this summer has been bad for our club for players being linked away just wait till Harry goes next summer! If Harry rules out the England job and signs a 4 yr deal everyone at the club would be more settled and then give him some money and lets bring in some new faces and push on!! COYS

      • Times have changed in how long managers have and are given to deliver success (not necessarily rightly), and the league, and football is very different from when Fergi started out.

        Jol did not have anywhere near the squad or players that Harry has at his disposal. Also players like Huddlestone, Dawson, Benoit, Kabul were not as good then as they are now.

        A prime example of Harry being lucky would the fact that he was about to send Bale out on loan to Forest before Benoit's injury. Various other FORCED changes to the team also played out in his favour, not to mention Liverpool were terrible!

        Do you think that at the end of next season Harry will have won the league with Spurs? It is not a lack of gratitude or recognition that a lot of fans have towards Harry, but a realisation that he is only out for himself (England and short-term [selfish] thinking in prioritising the CL instead of the Prem last season), and that he is NOT the be all and end all best we could ever hope for. Nothing wrong with that.


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