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Harry Redknapp has labelled Liverpool as the favourites to claim the final Champions League spot this season, but has still claimed that Tottenham have a ‘big chance’.

Spurs dropped to fifth over the weekend after being held to a goalless draw by Aston Villa, whilst Liverpool won their derby match with Everton.

The race for fourth place has thrown a number of curveballs at the sides involved, with Manchester City also losing at Hull on Saturday.

And Redknapp has acknowledged how unpredictable the season has been, but remains confident that his side have a chance of gate-crashing the Champions League party.

He told Sky Sports, “We’re still right there. Manchester City got beat at Hull on Saturday. It’s hard to win games, it’s not easy.

“We’ve been in great form. We have had one defeat in 12 games now. I can’t complain.

“We’ve have been good to watch. We have played some great football. Everyone is at the peak of their form, so we have got a big chance still.

“There is no guarantee we are going to make it, it is going to be difficult and we know that.

“Liverpool are back in. At the start of the year, nobody would have seen them outside the top four so it is going to be hard to finish above them to start with.

“But we are in there with a chance, which is good.

“I would say they (Liverpool) probably are favourites.

“Ourselves, City, Villa are all there pushing. It is going to be tight, but we have still got a big chance.”

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  1. Unpredictable best describes what Harry will say next. One minute Liverpool are favourites, next minute we are in the box seat and believe we can do it then next thing we know Liverpool have it and we may have a chance but it will go to the wire. It sums up our attitude and mentality. I seriously believe the club does not have the belief we can do it. Instead of banging the drum or being downbeat how about they all shut up about it and do the talking on the pitch. Man City and Liverpool only believe they can do it and thats how it shoudl be and one of those two will. It will be our stupid fault for throwing away points that were givers.

  2. Created a bit of a rod for your own back here really ain’tcha our Arry yes we have a very good squad of players and yes when we are playing at full tilt there aren’t many teams that can live with us, in fact teams are well aware of us and how we play and are happy to just park the bus to coin a phrase but in truth we have been our own worst enemies instead of just getting on with it taking each game as it comes and let others do the worrying about where we are, virtually every week since the opening week all I can hear is top four talk. Nothing wrong with ambition all for it but whatever happened to get your head down get on with it or no comment to certain comments at press conferences? The better scenario would be to talk about it when its too late for anyone to catch u in fourth spot which is what it should be now. As it stands if certain results don’t go our way we could even miss out on European football next year. No good getting out the polish to shine trophies we don’t have yet. The FA cup presents a decent chance but they aren’t gimmees either can’t remember much of who is left in the FA cup but pretty sure there are still a few of the top running prem teams still in the mix. So please Arry stop talking it up and let’s just get on with the business of winning games we are meant to and getting something from the ones we not expected to. Football yeah. Sweet. Lillywhitetilidie.

  3. Steve, u r right. Very unpredictable. Before we played against Villa he was talking about 3rd place, now its 4th. Next he’ll say if we get into the Europa Cup it will be a great achievement. Rubbish! Keeps harping about the 1 defeat in 12 games. Why doesn’t he talk about the amount of games that we should hv won but didn’t? If we are playing some great football, they wudn’t be so many frustrated Spurs fans venting it out here!!!

  4. 1 defeat in 12 game, yeah, yeah…

    What about the home defeats against Stoke and Wolves, the 2 points thrown away at Everton, the drab performance at out-of-form Liverpool, the lack of cutting edge against Villa, the pathetic 0-0 at home to Hull, the 0-3 embarassment at Arsenal… the list goes on.

    We’re where we are because of the poor form of other teams not because of any great results we’ve had. Aside from the Wigan match and the win against Liverpool I can’t think of a single impressive display this season.

    He plays Crouch, a crap striker, but gives Keane away to Celtic. Bring back Martin Jol the best manager Spurs have had in decades.

  5. Hold on boys steady Garryspurs I feel your pain mate honest I do but get rid of our Arry that’s a bit strong isn’t it? Listen mate end of the day its the lads on the park not doing their jobs sure Arry has got to take some of the blame like starting with head on a stick Crouch instead of Pav and sometimes not making a substitution when perhaps he should but you can’t give the bloke the boot for that ( sorry forgot what happened to Jol ), flipping hell we are a fickle bunch as I said earlier we haven’t helped ourselves talking it up putting extra pressure on ourselves but we are still in the mix and still playing some decent stuff out there we just need to foget this fourth place talk and get on with playing football. Much as I loved Jol Arry’s in charge now and am glad to have him here don’t foget lads we could’ve been playing the likes of crystal palace and Watford’s this season so let’s stop this talk of get rid of Arry and get behind the lads for the next game at wolves bit of payback is due isn’t it? Send em packing. Lillywhitetilidie.

  6. As most fans say, Harry wont change a game when needed,for me this is no good ,he must try and listen to fans concerns. I know that I am one of those fans that gets upset with individual players that are not playing well,but surely the buck stops with Harry, playing his favorites all the time ,even out of position ,this has to be adressed now and stop this shitty long ball, if we are to have any chance of CL football.


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