Redknapp and Sugar on Tottenham riots


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp and Alan Sugar have both had their say on the Tottenham riots.

Redknapp told The Sun: “Violence doesn’t solve anything.  If there are problems, sit around a table and sort it out.

He added: “Rioting won’t do anything for anyone.  There are problems in the Tottenham area, but it’s awful when things like this happen.”

Lord Sugar said: “Those who rioted should be ashamed of themselves – a total disgrace.  There are other ways to demonstrate.”

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  1. Easy for these 2 to say, both live outside the area of Tottenham and earn bucket loads, you put a hole in a JD sports and broke people will go and take what they can.

    I think we should give Redknapp a 1 bedroom bedsit next to Northumberland park station and Sugar a flat in White Hart Lane and see if there views would change after a week

    Face it these people did gain something from the riots, nobody gave a shit about Mark Duggan they just wanted free stuff….completely wrong and me watching from the TV as an ex Tottenham resident can easily say that……but for soo many people to join in surely they must have been desperate

    • Yes, but it was those broke people that put the hole in JD Sports in the first place.

      And what were they desperate for? Justice – or a new pair of trainers and a DVD Player?

  2. I agee with your sentiments about the two arm chair critics (Harry & Sugar). I doubt that they have long term reconciliatory goals & plans with the Tottenham community forums ( that's if one exist's). This is not just an individual's task but a collective effort with all that live & work in this community.
    I challenge them both to get involved the way Levy has said he would.

  3. It does not matter where you live, what happened in Tottenham is a disgrace. There can be no excuse what so ever for that amount of violence, how many of those rioting and thieving new Mark Duggan? I would guess it would be very very few. Just a bunch of thieving morons. There is no way on this earth can any of the looting be justified. I know how deprived Tottenham is but this not the answer, all that will happen is that JD sports et al will move out of the area. Less businesses more deprivation and so the cycle continues. A lot of the morons involved were not even from the area and therefore really couldn’t give a damn what happens. I truly feel for the decent people in Tottenham who are just trying to make it by, the minority of mindless thugs and thieves are ruining it for everybody.

  4. both arry and sugar are totally right, fuck the community, the so called community, they have a demo for a crack merchant !!!!! Fucking well logical that is. With people like that you just move out let them stew in their own shit.
    And stop talking about the so called community as it doesn't exist. the riot was started by a feel good m.p who then shat his pants when it went west.a lot of the morons involved WERE from the area because they are all fucking wankers in the main, always fucking lamenting about no one loving them, well we fucking don't , fuck em.
    another thing to all the decent people there my heart goes out to you, must be hell on earth.I know all my mates have moved out the area to places like herts and essex and who can fuckin blame them. the pricks even burnt aldi down where they get their mumbo jumbo food.

  5. it's lovely in my little village in the countryside. occasionally we have a bit of trouble when the bridge club is oversubscribed.


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