Will Harry’s tactics cost us?


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Remember three weeks ago? It was bliss. The best season ever. Title contenders, favourites for the Cup, goals galore. Bringing past-it strikers to the Lane, letting them run riot. Just for the hell of it. We were unstoppable. The new Barcelona.

Erm, yeah. Three games, no wins, and nine painful goals later, it doesn’t feel so rosy. It feels like the bad old days. Only worse. In the bad old days we knew we were shit – we were reminded every week.

Harry’s come out fighting. Here’s us thinking he’s giving new meaning to the phrase ‘laying back and thinking of England’. But he’s not, he says. He’s focused on Spurs. He might not even take the England job. It’s a difficult one, he says. Who wants the most coveted position in English football anyway?

The thing is, whether he likes it or not, it’s his fault. Particularly Everton. And it’s nothing to do with England. It’s to do with baffling tactical decisions. Wrong against Arsenal, wrong against United (kinda), wrong against Everton.

But how can you criticise the tax-evasion-charge-evading ‘Arry? He’s built the best Spurs team most of us can remember. On our day, we’re unplayable. Even on off days, we’re stupidly good. And it’s the sign of a good team. Against Everton – our worst performance of the season – we still “battered” them. It’s the way United batter teams even when they’re shit.

And that’s the problem. Each week it’s like Redknapp’s challenging Spurs to win with his tactics. “Go on, you clever fucks, overcome this. I’m putting Modders in goal”. And it’s not just when we lose. When we beat Arsenal at The Lane, it was miracle. His tactics nearly cost us. But we’re such a good team we won anyway. But we’re his team. He put us together… can we blame him?

Well, yeah. Who plays their best two players out of position? And who then spends 90 minutes, making three changes, not putting it right. “Oh, we don’t have a right-sided player,” he says. “Wales play Bale on the right,” he adds. Well, two things, ‘Arry. Firstly, don’t go 4-4-2 then. And, secondly, Wales are shit.

I still think we’ll do it. Third place and a chance at the Cup. But it won’t be easy. He’ll make sure it’s not.


On a side note, the more I think about David Moyes as a replacement, the more I like. With nothing he’s produced gold. Think about what he could do with resources like ours. He’s that mid-point between a tactician and a motivator. He’s not a Benitez-like chess-board manager, and he’s not a wing-it-like-Harry kinda fella either.

Money might corrupt, but I don’t think it’s going to send Moyes mad. He’s hardly going to come in, spend £40m on Stewart Downing, quadruple the wage bill, and pick up a huge coke habit, is he? Whether or not he’s a big enough name to keep the likes of Bale and Modders and attract the Hazards of the world, is yet to be seen. If not, Mourinho will do…


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  1. Fantastic take on the current situation at Spurs. Agree with all of it except Moyes as the next Manager. As you suggested he has done well without the financial clout, but that worries me in so much that he has no experience of dealing with or attracting the big names. In addition, I don't look at his Everton team as exciting but as a standard workman like on ever 4-4-2 team. Harry's failing is that teams have now adjusted to play us and play 2 tough banks of 4 even if they are at home. We don't have the guile to make the necessary runs or find the right pass in these situations. Rafa for this reason had to play for me on Saturday. Ade is too lazy and doesn't keep the ball well enough at times to play away from home. I always said that Harry had reached his limitations and despite the season so far, that could end up being the truth of it. If we don't get CL then Modric, Bale and one or 2 others will become dis-allusioned with it and leave, leaving us to decline rapidly! Has to be Klinnsman or Mourinho for me!

  2. My mate is a neighbour of moyes and has had several conversations with him in the recent past,he has always said he loves living in the preston area of lancashire,and his daughter is settled in school there.

  3. Think it started with the first game against the mighty Stevenage. He went 352 to combat their style of play. Ridiculous to change formation to negate an inferior teams style, we should be good enough to impose ourselves on them. Makes me wonder if in fact Redknapp started to listen to his critics (of whom I am one) who accuse him of being tactically inept. He decided to show them what a genius he is and thus secure his coveted England job. Only it back fired and he's proven them right.

  4. “Wales play Bale on the right,” he adds. Well, two things, ‘Arry. Firstly, don’t go 4-4-2 then. And, secondly, Wales are shit.

    Lol……..That was funny man.

    The thing I don't get ………We've had a winning formula all year……….Why on earth would Arry get creative and mix things up ???


    Vs Arsenal –> Niko ahead of Lennon at RM. Saha ahead of VDV up front.
    Vs United –> Modric at LM & terrible tactical subs
    Vs Everton –> your two best players not playing their actual position

    Arry……needs to go back to the basics. 4-4-2 and we all know who should be starting.

    A minnow at the Lane –> Get creative to rest a few key starters.

    And one other thing –> ADEBAYOR is not the answer up front. outside of his PK , when was the last time he scored ???? 2011……..But lovely save on Saha vs United.

    • 4-4-2???? 4-4-2???

      Spurs best when they play 4-5-1 surely, that's why Defoe has struggled to get a place.

      1 striker, VDV in behind. This has enabled us to keep possession and also win the ball beck more quickly.

      4-4-2 is what's killing us. the last 4 games he's started with 2 out and out strikers. It worked against Newcastle because they had selection problems. and we been battered by the other 3 teams.

      Even if we had injuries we should have kept to the system that had served us so well.

      Agree about ADEBAYOR, Lazy player. Only puts it in when he has something to prove.

  5. Hey…forget about CL. Spurs will finish 6th after Man u, Man c, Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle in that order. Like they say form is temporary class is permanent……..and oh …shit is shit and Spuds are shit. There is only one team in North London. Now ya getting deflated guys…..ur egos……your crowing…me. Am loving it.

  6. Mark my words, Rodgers will get a big job soon.
    He plays good football with wingers and he can spot a player too.
    Mega talent

  7. Moyes sounds good. His spirit would fit to the Lillywhite's ones:

    "If we all would earn some lower wages, football would be better off."

  8. Are we giving Harry too much credit when we say his team?

    Harry came into a good squad, forget the 2 points from 8 games lark. We had finished 5th twice in previous 3 seasons and wone league cup the year we didnt.

    Lennon, Bale, Dawson, A&E, Modders, T.Hud, corluka. All Jol buys all at there when he arrived. Yes he’s added some quality in midfield, but he got rid of a 20 league gaol a season striker which he’s never fully replaced.

    Truth is Harry’s never had so much quality at his disposal and he’s struggling to know what to do with it.

  9. Spurs is fucked, if your team wants to play tiki-taka, learn it from Barcelona. Fabregas did that to Arsenal and succesfully become one of the beautiful-played football team in EPL (with most of 60% ball possession from any EPL clubs). You need to sign a very good midfielder from La Masia football academy. But, hey man, there's only one team in North London, that is Arsenal, who used to be the only team that beat Barcelona last season CL. Come On You Gooners!! Fuck you spuds!!


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