Redknapp tells Sky Sports interviewer to f*** off


Harry Redknapp

Here’s a funny clip of Spurs boss Harry Redknapp reacting angrily after Sky Sports interviewer Rob Palmer refers to Redknapp as a ‘wheeler and dealer’.

There’s some swearing in the clip – just incase you’re at work!

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  1. "I'm a f**king football manager!"

    Took us to 4th last seasons with very few additions to the squad he inherited.

    Harry, you're a f**king football manager, and a f**king good one!!

    • I saw someone elsewhere remark that Bill Nicholson wouldn't let that chav within 5 miles of WHL. And he's right.

      We have a pretty decent squad and played no Euro footie last season. And with very few additions? Eh? Robbie Keane, Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, Niko Krancjar, Wilson Palacios, Younes Kaboul? Also Pascal Chimbonda the previous season, two Kyles… they didn't materialise from nowhere. He bought them, and in some instances paying way over the odds too.

      If Harry acting the c**t on TV makes you proud then I give up. He's a disgrace.

    • Err, I didn't see Harry bully anyone. He objected to he managerial expertise being overlooked by a dumb reporter, voiced his distain and walk away. Ithink we all would've done the same.

  2. Good man Harry shame it wasn't Andy Kunt and Richard Morekunt who he told to fck off now that would have been extra funny lol

  3. Harry is a half decent manager, but bloody hell doesn't he act like a twat sometimes!!

    You'd NEVER get the late great Sir Bobby Robson saying that, or Martin O'Neil or Roy Hodgson or even Arsene Wenger! I know 'Arry is old school and all that rubbish, but this the new school and in this game you don't act like you're the manager of a pub side. The man has no idea how to talk to the media. Okay, it's refreshing to sometimes hear him say something painfully honest. But most of the time it makes Tottenham look like a bunch of planks. The worst example was when Darren Bent missed that sitter against Pompey and Harry said his missus would've buried it. Just atrocious stuff, amazing ways to boost players confidence isn't it? Now Bent is continuing to bang in the goals whilst we struggle to score.
    If I was Daniel Levy, I'd give Harry and disciplinary and whopping great fine after this interview, for once again making Spurs look stupid and setting a bad example to the young fans.

    No Harry, you're not a 'wheeler – dealer', you're just stupid old twat, who knows two types of tactics and got lucky with a good spurs side crying out for a half decent manager. This season we will finish sixth and go out in the group stages of the champions league and not win anything or worse because of the tactically inept manager.

    Harry you should 'fuck off' and get your overpaid saggy ass back to the south coast where it belongs and maybe then spurs can finally have a manager we can be truely proud of…. Martin O'Neil is available!!

    And in case anyone is wondering I've been a Tottenham fan all my life. But I hate West Ham and Harry Redknapp is synominous with the bunch of pricks in the claret and blue. I've NEVER liked Harry Redknapp, he so damn overrated!

    • True spurs fans dont hate West Ham. That just plays up to their fantasy that we are their rivals when we clearly are light years ahead of the piss poor bunch of porn peddlers. We mock the Hammers, we pity them. Our only rivals are Arsenal and anyone who disagrees is not a Spurs fan.

  4. And they say that JFK swore a lot, I wonder if Arry f**king Redknapp will face FA disiplinary actions for swearing on TV as did JFK when he was at the Toon???

  5. Thought he was better than that. To react so poorly to a comment he clearly took the wrong way was not impressive. He just lost a lot of credibility in my eyes

  6. I’m a massive spurs fan and if we beat wigan half these comments would be applauding him one minute he’s a genius next he’s a crap manager. Harry the best thing to happen for spurs in a long while sometimes spurs fans are so fickle its unreal

  7. he has left most of the clubs he has managed in a poor condition when he left… He spends money too easily…and is only looking out for himself..

    He tries to play the…I'm just like the guy next door image but its all a charade..

    Spurs better finish in the Top 4 this season or else he should back to Pompey and take them out of the mess he created for them!!


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