Redknapp: There’s a chance of Joe Cole joining Spurs


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp says it’s “not impossible” that the club will sign Joe Cole.

Chelsea have officially announced that the England midfielder will leave the club this summer after failing to agree a new deal.

When asked by TALKsport about the chances of Cole joining Spurs, he said: “It’s not impossible. I think that Daniel [Levy], the chairman, has spoken to Joe’s agent and he said that Joe didn’t want to discuss any moves until after the World Cup. Then he’s going to look at his options.

“But he’s told us that he hasn’t decided anything yet and he hasn’t done anything definite. So there’s a chance. I suppose it all depends on the financial side of it and everything else, but according to his agent he’s not made up his mind yet.”

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  1. I think harry can make this happen,I hope so anyway what a great signing joe would be. Spurs fans including myself would love him! Get on the phone to daws,ledley,jd,azza and crouchy to butter him up harry!

      • Where? in a position where he will fit best for Spurs, who will he replace ? Whoever he would be superior to and he is superior ro many now in our ranks. Whats wrong with Spurs fan's? such that we are so contented with the status quo? Have we heard the word call improvement?

    • Its funny how we will love him if he signs, but can just as easy hate his guts if he signs for the arseholes up the road

  2. It's going to be interesting to see where Mr Cole goes, some of the Arsenals fans seem to think he's already signed for them. I think that could be them getting ahead of their selves yet again….yawn. We are going to have to wait until after the world cup. Harry has worked with Cole before so that might help us. You do need a big squad if you're in four competitions and if he is fit he could be good for us and will offer vital experience.
    Hope we sign a centre back and a right back too. Those positions are important.

  3. Apparently he was on 80k a week at Chelsea and wanted 100k a week in his new contract, they offered 85k then withdrew the offer when he tried to negotiate.

    Compare that to the 80k a week that Modric is rumoured to be on after signing his new deal (making him our highest paid player), it's difficult to imagine how he will fit into our wage structure.

  4. the wage structure wont matter if he is a free signing! thats how the scum got judas campbell! give him a massive signing on fee and that will supllement his weekly wage!!!

  5. i like cole and think a bigger squad is crucial for next season but his wage demands are a big put off. even if he is on a free… if he wants 100k a week, say thats 30k more than we would like to pay him. thats 120k extra a month x 12 = £14.4m a year.

    is cole worth 14.4m a year?

    this is a simpler way of viewing the whole bosman vs. wage debate.

  6. Well i think he wants to take home £100 per week…………so if he is getting taxed say 40%, even though i think now it might be 50% for income over £150,000 per year in total, that would mean that he would need to be paid £166,666 per week, after the 40% tax has been deducted that would leave him with the £100,000 in his greedy pocket. So over a year its 52 weeks per year x £166,666 per week = £8,666,632, of which he would take home £5,200,000 and the rest would be tax to the tax man. ( A whopping £3,466,632 for the year )
    Its no wonder really why alot of the big players will leave the UK and go to spain, aparently they have a special concession for footballers and tax them just 25% so you can see how even if the wages are lower , they will take home more money. All i can say is, Joe if you love football and want to play, then take whats on offer at spurs , if ya want the money, then im sure you can tempt Real or Barca and sit on the bench for a few years and get a tan.


  7. The reason we are financially strong is that we don't pay these silly wages.

    In a couple of years time Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City are all going to have to reduce their wages in order to qualify for European football.

    They are going to find that very difficult and there is a good chance that one of those clubs will miss out on CL football as a result of paying inflated wages.

  8. Wages is likely to be sticking point- for even if we offer him 85K making him the highest- I am not sure if this will effect the team harmony, since I would think others would be looking to up to 85K soon. Will Cole consistently play better than Lennon?? Arry obviously wants Cole & would be prepared to bank roll club- but its Levy who must remain strong & don’t give in to fickle fans- who think just cos he’s on free means we can bump up his wages..footballers are a jealous lot!! Why do you think Cole wanted 100K with so many Chelski boys over the 100K pw mark. I really hope Levy remains strong & calm and take a leaf out of our neighbours.


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