Redknapp on top four hope


Harry Redknapp doesn’t expect Spurs to finish in the top four this season.

The Spurs boss believes that Chelsea will keep their place in the top four and it would be a big achievement if the club can qualify for Champions League football again.

This is despite the fact Spurs won last night and Chelsea could only manage a draw.

Redknapp said: “I picked the team yesterday morning and I lost two of them. Luka had a pain in his stomach and needed an appendix operation.

“As for Pienaar… the other South African (Bongani Khumalo) thought his head was the ball and knocked him unconscious in training. We had to change it again. We were an attacking team, an open team.

“For us to finish above them would be a real feat. They have spent about £70million in the transfer market. We have just got to keep going and it would be a fantastic achievement.

“I would not write Chelsea off from winning the championship. Although Manchester United look as though they keep getting results they are not playing as well as they have done in the past.

“They are red-hot favourites but Chelsea have won the championship and have Torres to come in. They could go on a run and be a big danger to everyone.”

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  1. you are a nob because chelsea didn’t secure a draw, they won 2-4 on Tuesday night…i think you meant to say Man City.

  2. Nice, if our manager has no faith in achieving top four again then we may aswell accept it that we will finish outside the top four. How on earth can you praise chelsea when we have just as much a chance of fourth or have you given up already.

  3. Just weeks ago he was talking about the title.. telling the team that we are good enough and asking us to believe in it has all changed, telling us we wont even finish top 4, and that we are not good enough after failing to sign any new players..shouldn’t we try to push on with what we least try our best without throwing in the towel first..its still a better team than last season..of course we have injury problems, had them last season too..we’ve got enough quality players to step up for the challenge..just like we discovered last season with pav, kaboul and bale..even if we fail we’l still be happy that we’ve tried our best

  4. Well its tough since ManC and Chelsea spent big in Jan. But if we keep winning games, don't matter if we play ugly and win by a single goal, there is always a chance. Both ManC and Chelsea are inconsistent, just like us. But we surely need to defend better. We don't always have to play the ball out of defence. We gave away a few against B'burn and were lucky they couldn't punish us like Fulham did. We better learn from our mistakes fast. Play ugly and don't always tried to be too smart, especially when we r under pressure.

  5. He was talking so highly a few weeks ago because we were actually winning games. A few weeks later, and we've turned to crap. I'd say the same thing if I was Harry.

  6. well maybe if harry/ levy had got their fingers out of their backsides and actually attempted to sign some REALISTIC and DECENT players during the transfer window, things might of been so differant.

  7. Sorry where does he say that we won't finish in the top 4.

    Not only does the writer get his facts wrong (Chelsea won as has been pointed out), he also put words In Harry's mouth.

    And then a load of plonker's start slagging off our best manager of the last 25 years for things he didn't even say.


    And yes it would be an achievement to finish in the top 4, but even if we don't we'll bounce back.

    Chelsea & Man City will not succeed when the Financial Fair Play laws come in. As a result they'll probably throw a strop and break away from the Premier League and ply their trade in Qatar and good riddance!!!

    • THe thing abt not getting in CL next season is, we will most probably lose our best players like Mods and Bale. Its hard to start building again from there. Its a must to finish in the top4 cause unlike Chelsea, ManC and Man U, even if they dont make top4, they can still attract big names.


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