Redknapp to undergo medical procedure


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

Harry Redknapp is to undergo a medical procedure, the details of which have not yet been revealed.

The Spurs boss will be unable to travel with the squad to Russia for their Europa League fixture against Rubin Kazan on Thursday.

Kevin Bond and first-team coach Joe Jordan will assume first team duties in Russia in his absence.

On behalf of all at SpursWeb, get well soon Harry.

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  1. cant help feel this is some what convienient, i mean i hope harry is fine, but i can just hear him say, "i cant be f**ked to go across the other side of this world for this blimen game, not even taking anybody good".

    Sherwood should have gone, at least make some reports or feedback for the players going

    cudicini walker gallas bassong rose, pienaar sandro livermore townsend, defoe pav

    actually….thats a pretty side

  2. You're right Chris, it's easy to see this cynically. But I can't blame him and even if this is a crude way of him getting a rest or not exhausting himself I think it's a good thing. The Europa League was always going to put more strain on the coaching staff than the squad because the squad can be rested/rotated etc., whereas the coaching staff have to be there every game. You wonder if this is one of the reasons he's a little down on it, old droopy's not a young man.

    It is a shame we can't rest Walker. Yes that is a decent team. No carroll?

  3. A 'Medical Procedure' could describe anything from brain surgery to humping a nurse. I imagine it is closer to the Barbara Windsor end of the scale without the sexual implications.
    Croatian TV are showing the game live, and they always berate Harry for not putting out a 'strong team'. They won't even be able to that this time.

  4. Jesus, you're a cold b******d!!!

    Any surgery is potentially life threatening!

    So on behalf of the sane minority, get well soon Harry….you're already a Spurs legend!!!

  5. To suggest that Harry is putting about with Babs is not only mind rollockingly bollocks but defers from the fact that Harry took a vow of celibacy until Spurs win the Premier once more, that means he will never have sex again. But seriously good luck Harry your one of the old school and a great bloke. Good luck for all of your endeavours and problems.


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