Redknapp unsure of Lennon return this season


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Harry Redknapp has admitted that he does not know when Aaron Lennon will be fit to return to action.

The Tottenham Hotspur winger has been out of action since the end of December with a groin problem and there is no date set for his return.

“I could not sit here and say for sure if he will play again this season,” said Redknapp in The Sun.

“There is absolutely no comeback date at all.”

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  1. This is very strange for a manager to say this about a lad aged 22 with a groin problem .There seems a bit of conflict going on here surely the medics must no what the problem is or is Lennon saving is groin for England. I say this because at the start of is injury he a Hernia also and it was mentioned about him having an operation .I don’t think Spurs wanted him to be missing that long and now he is out for longer and its backfired .Or its more sinister and he is letting our champs league place go before he returns and plays for England and City buy him. This is one theory i truly hope is way of the mark and the little fella is playing for us in the champs League next season. Coys

  2. It seems ALL parties where keen on stalling for an op but not sure what Lennon wanted? It has backfired and may even prove worse if this latest rest proves futile? Just look at Torres & Gerrard it is clear both needed op but they took option of rest- this may backfire- its a risk you take. You win some you lose some. This is chance 4 boys to show we aren’t reliant on Lennon! Dawes, Gomes and Pal seem irreplacable at Mo!

  3. Lads,

    Harry is probably fed up with being asked when is Lennon back? He is probably of the attitude “Why should I tell the media?” Of course he knows roughly how long it will be before Lennon is likely to play again.


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