Redknapp urges Spurs fans to back Modric


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Harry Redknapp has urged Spurs fans not to barrack unsettled midfielder Luka Modric, who is still set on a move to Chelsea.

Redknapp said: “I wouldn’t want them to get on him.

“People need to look and understand it all. The easiest thing for me would be to sit here and say, ‘He has a contract and he has to get on with it.’

“But put yourself in that position – he sees them bringing all these players in and he thinks that they can win the Premier League and Champions League.

“You want to be part of that. The rewards that he would get would be incredible.

“It is not easy. I don’t want to lose him, but sometimes you are better off and it gives you a chance to build a strong team, there is no doubt about that.

“Fabregas and Nasri have got out of Arsenal. It is very hard to keep people, but the chairman has made his mind up and is not going to let him go.”

Asked if Modric could be left demotivated, Redknapp added: “That is the risk you can run, the chance you have to take.

“We can all say what he will be like but what is in his head? Who knows?None of us know how he will feel.

“But he is here, you have to get on with it for his own good. He has to play and be the player that we all know he is and have a great season, there is nothing that we can do.”

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  1. What are we dealing with here, a baby. A spoilt brat. A mentallly, disfunctional adult or just a greedy little selfish individual who has no respect for his employers. Boo him, I certainly will boo him, he has prooved his non-loyalty, and lets see how he likes the fans voicing their opinion of him. Harry should grow a kangaroo pouch for these pansy’s.

    • None of that applies to Luka – its Chelsea who are the villains here – making derisory offers and turning his head – BLAME CHELSEA not Luka. To be honest – if I was Levey I would make a formal complaint about the way Chelsea have done this!

    • I agree he deserves a hostile reception but what's the point? He won't play well if that happens, so we may as well sell him. He's only worth keeping if he plays at his best.

  2. I unfortunately won't be at the match tonight, but if I were I certainly wouldn't boo Modric if he plays. I live in the real world and accept that player loyalty is now something that belongs in the history books. I believe that Spurs are correct in holding Modric to his contract, but also cannot blame him for wanting to, in his opinion better himself.
    Who if they were honest wouldn't want to treble their income and play in Europe's premier competion?
    Now is the time for maturity, we need to support Modric and show him that we the fans do care for him, and in return he needs to be proffesional in his attitude and continue to show us what he can do on the pitch.

  3. I would have sold him but he's staying and there is absolutuely nothing to be gained from booing him. All it will do is take away the focus from the rest of the team and detract from our goal of achieving top 4 status again. While he is still here we may as well try to get the best out of him as he is superior to any other midfielder we have at the club.

  4. One day Harry will shut, it's a close run thing with hell freezing over.

    Maybe Harry if you'd just said Modric was injured on Monday and not gone on about his head not being right there would be less chance of him getting a hostile reception at the Lane.


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