Redknapp: Van Der Vaart has everything


Harry Redknapp was relieved his gamble on Rafael van der Vaart’s fitness paid off for Spurs.

The Dutchman had missed the previous three games with a hamstring injury, but returned to the Spurs side to score a brace in the 2-1 win against Aston Villa on Boxing Day.

“I took a gamble with him because he has had a hamstring problem, and when he gets tired he tends to get injuries,” said Redknapp.

“He went to the World Cup and played bit parts all the time and probably didn’t get a proper pre-season under his belt.

“So when he gets a bit fatigued he does tend to do a hamstring or something else, and that’s what I was scared of.

“I probably left him on for 10 minutes longer than I was going to because when he got hold of the ball at least he would keep it.

“But he has been fantastic for us. He’s a 15- to 20-goal-a-year man, and he has everything as a player. He’s not just a goalscorer, but a fantastic footballer.”

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  1. The Van his a Ferrari and the one thing i love about him is the way he celebrated our win at the end of the game.My Heart along with all our fans is bursting with Pride all the best for the New Year to our Lads and the Spurs website.from Davspurs

  2. What a player. What a bargain. How many times have we looked at other teams with players the calibre VDV and wished? Them lot down the road have had a glut of them over the years probably why they’re so frigging arrogant but now after so long in the wilderness my beloved Spurs are not only beginning to realise our potential but we’re also playing the type of football that makes other teams quake in their boots and closes the mouths of know it all so called pundits like Lawro (amoeba). Admittedly there are still areas of our game that need to be sorted out we all know what they are but fix that and maybe couple other players like VDV in other areas then sure why not the title or champions league? Don’t laugh kids because on any given day we can beat any team obviously you can’t win the champs league if you’re not in it but we are and we have as much of a chance as anyone else. I remember years ago I backed a horse called Party Politics at 40-1 to win the national when it was going round the enclosure before the race it was all sweated up and all my pals swore I’d backed the only mule in the race but we all know what happened there and my mates weren’t laughing come the end of the race either. Ten men for over an hour and we held our nerve that’s determination and ok Villa aren’t Man U Chelsea or Arsenal but they are a decent outfit and can hurt you especially at theirs so makes it all the more satisfying. Can’t wait for the transfer window to open not for us to buy buy buy but for us to maybe try and first locate that couple players that is going to strengthen us and then getting them and they hit the ground running.

    I know he hasn’t had a run of games yet and he only arrived in August but is anyone else a bit unsure over Sandro? Lillywhitetilidie.


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