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Harry Redknapp admitted that he was ‘very disappointed’ following Tottenham Hotspur’s Carling Cup exit at the hands of Manchester United.

Two first-half goals from Darron Gibson proved to be enough in a lacklustre affair at Old Trafford.

“I’m very disappointed,” Redknapp told Sky Sports.

“We are never going to get a better opportunity than we had first-half tonight. I think they had two shots on goal and scored twice. We had a lot of the ball, but never really made it count. I was disappointed.

“We have been playing so well of late, but there was no atmosphere, it was like a practice match.

“There was no atmosphere in the stadium and there was no atmosphere in the game. It was played at a lethargic pace. I don’t think there was a tackle made in the first half.

“I’ve never been to Old Trafford and there has been no atmosphere. It was like it never got going. Nothing was happening.

“It’s a cup quarter-final, but there wasn’t a tackle first half. It was like a friendly. It was strange. I haven’t experienced an atmosphere like that for a long time.”

“We did dominate, but we came in 2-0 down,” he added.

“We had good opportunities, they had two shots at goal and scored twice. They punished us and we haven’t punished them when we had the opportunity.

“It became difficult second half, but the whole game had a funny feeling for me. It was not like a league game, when the atmosphere is electric, it was a strange night.”

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  1. Not one Spurs player played to win it looked like all our players where leaving in January and if we play in first gear at Everton we will get beat again .Defoe has not scored since is five and Lennon has put two bad shifts in at Villa and Utd .Lets look at the state of the premiership Chelsea owner loads of money but needs to win to satisfy is richness Team the same differents slimmer faster older and winning .Arsenal slimmer faster winning except Chelsea .Man utd slow start now up to speed owners in Dept.700 MILLION expectations got to win cup league and CHAMPIONS pay the dept. Liverpool cant afford to stay out of top four and now energised and winning Everton flirted with champs league and finished 5th cannot finish less than sixth or in trouble with Dept. now back up to speed and expecting to win SUNDAY. that is the problem throw in a rubbish drug tester shit refs and thats why Stan collimore is saying it will be the same four finish. God help us the north west is full of desperate Energy cheats just look at the derby kuyt and peinnar where here there and everywhere. you have been warned

  2. Keane had the opportunity toprove that he was indispensible to The Spurs side and he produced nothing,The Lennon/Defoe combination produced nothing.The only thing that was of some consolation was that Bale showed he had not completely lost the talent that he had when he used to play regularly for the first team.The day Modrick arrives back in the side will be the day Spurs can start having some hope of getting something out of these matches.

  3. I have to agree with Beach_Bum; think Bale should be given a run in the first team, we will score more goals with him on the left. Palacios needs a rest he really look aweful last night. Niko shouldve at least been on the bench and brought on when Harry seen we lacked creativity. Seems to me as though Defoe/Crouch is a much better pairing then Defoe/Keane. Are we losing the plot? Hope the boys can respond positively against Everton otherwise it would be another false dawn at the Lane.

  4. Ah Davspur, I see you have a new ‘nom de plume’.

    Given the team selection, we didn’t seem too bothered to go out. I’m sure it will be a different story against the Toffeemen.

    This season is all about the CL and I think we can maintain our position. At the very least we’ll get a Europa league place through our league position.

  5. Harry goes into the game saying finishing 4th in the league top priority compared to the league cup. What sort of mentality wud the players have going into the game? And now he says he is dissapointed? That aside, i hope this is the last time we see Bentley, Hutton and Jenas in a spurs jersey. All absolute rubbish.
    Bentley is suppose the be our man for dead ball situations, but he cudn’t even one corner or freekick right! Jenas had no idea he was in a football game. Palacios was bad and Hudd was equal or worse when he came on. No wonder Harry is still looking for midfielders. Lennon did alrite. Bale was good upfront but still shakey defensively. Keane in my opinion has lost it. I think we will have a busy time in the transfer market this Jan. Hope we get to sell primadonas like Jenas and Bentley.

  6. Agree with most of the above – the only ones who can hold their head up are Bale and Lennon (and maybe Gomes). I too hope we just get rid of bentley (wastes the ball and slows the game down), Hutton (has been watching Zokora’s videos of storming runs up the pitch resulting in nothing as he cant pass to a teammate) and JJ (he does pass to colleagues but only because he is scared of taking responsibility/using the ball himself and he doesnt care if they are not in a good position to receive the ball). Hugely disappointed with Bassong (maybe not fit?) and Wilson tonight (atrocious passing), Keane (where was your pointing and shouting/captaincy?). In Modric’s absence, our recent performances with and without Krank on the pitch make Krank seem like Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas rolled into one! This match highlighted our lack of a captain who will be on the pitch for 90 minutes and take the game/teammates by the scruff of the neck and also our urgent need for a central midfielder who can run, pass and tackle consistently (not just one or two out of the three). On some forums yesterday people were slagging off Carrick but when he came on yesterday Manu kept possession and we gave up and rolled over.

  7. Poor performance last night, no real team work. Everyone was static and no movement to help each other.

    Keane and Jenas were the worst by far. Bentley didn’t help himself at the dead ball taking as he couldn’t get it past the first man! Otherwise some okay touches and passes.

    Man Utd weren’t great and the game was there for us to win. Felt very let down being at the game. Our supporters were brilliant, Man utd supporters were very dull and added to be poor atmosphere!

    Just a note, Mr B – I think Niko is Cup tied so couldn’t play anyway.

    Bale showed some good touches but should have taken Neville on more as he’s past it. Wilson – worried when he didn’t appear as who was going to do the tackling. Jenas and the rest of them didn’t close down or get stuck in.

    Could have been so much different, but hopefully they get a right b*llocking for the performance. I hope the real 1st team don’t lose confidence because the 2nd string didn’t take their opportunity to push them.

  8. From what I saw I thought we didn’t do too bad until the last half hour when we gave up because Carrick came on and so Utd retained the ball.

    Mr B, your main point seems to be that Krancjar should’ve played last night but he was cup-tied – end of. And with Modric injured too harry decided to play Lennon on the left where he was as ineffective as ever. In my view Bale is good at going forward and confident running at people but shit at defending so why not try him on left wing or Danny Rose – I know I know its a crazy idea having a left footed player on the left wing but it could just work.

    Evryone has a bad game so I’m not worried about Wilson and Thudd given their previous excellent performances but agree with most that Jenas is absolute crap. Bentley is good for back up to Lennon and I think he’s been working hard since he was dropped last year. I also think we need to retain Keane but Harry just has to build up the courage to not have him as an automatic choice, especially with Pav leaving imminently.

  9. For me Hutton didn’t do too bad considering. Keane kept coming too deep and JJ and Bentley are a waste of space. In the league we have played with pace and everytime JJ got the ball he stopped thought about it then made a pass. And JJ’s inability to attack or defend made Palacios even harder. Bentley needs to learn that to impress we want to see pin point passes not step overs. I have to agree though Bale looked good. I would have prefered to have seen Lennon switched to the left and Rose given a run. Lets hope it was just a blip


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