Redknapp vows to save Russian donkey


Harry Redknapp

It has been revealed that Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has stepped in to save the donkey who was forced to parasail 150ft over a Russian beach – and we don’t mean Roman Pavlyuchenko.

The donkey, named as Anapka, parasailed for over 30 minutes in the resort of Golubitskaya, before crashing to the ground. Redknapp has now vowed to make room for Anapka at an animal sanctuary he is planning to open in Hampshire.

He told The Sun: ‘I am sickened by the actions of the scumbag who treated Anapka so badly.

‘If I had my way, I’d throw the idiot in prison. He should be prosecuted for what he’s done.’

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  1. Hmm Cant be more of a Russian donkey then Pav!

    Animal Sanctuary in Hampshire…. i hear its going to be at Fratton Park! they need something on there on a Saturday to bring people in

  2. Beggars belief how some folk treat another living creature. Not in anyway making light of this but whoever did that to the animal how did they expect the creature to land without injury? Wish that donkey could kick them in nads just like Donkey in Shrek. And can we stop having a pop at Pav he’s a decent player just never been shown the love. Remember when he came he had already played almost a half season in Russia then a full season with us and he still scored goals then Harry has his favoured pairings and he’s been frozen out but I’m still convinced we’ve not had the best from this player and there’s more to be had from him just needs the famous Harry arm around the shoulder chat. Remember Bale anyone? Not that long ago either was it? Lillywhitetilidie.

  3. Well he should try the same for Roman Pavlyuchenko our own Russian donkey. If he can't perform more consistently he can go and keep Anapka company in Hampshire!

  4. Leave Pav along you fickle to**ers. He was awesone towards the end of our season, when he was finally given the chance. Remember this, it was the fans that saved him – It was us that brought him on against Wigan, not Redknapp.

  5. if some of you get down to whl more often you would realise what pav means to the supporters
    and anyway arrys is pretty well versed in donkeys been trying to sign to many of them lately bring back the
    director of football

  6. As long as they play or work for Spurs I am 100% behind all our players and staff and have absolute faith that they have talent.

    • Do you originally come from Somalia,because your English is shocking,I only ask because i know how many foreigners play for and follow Arsenal atruly foreign club.

  7. I't not important what's my native country and I've never been to England. It's difficult for me to write correct. Last time I talk english 10 years ago.

  8. А Вы то поймете, что я Вам напишу, хотя-бы приблизительно? Сомневаюсь, однако. Вам бы только других оскорблять. Я никак не мог понять, как могут люди в Англии, в стране, где футбол любят, даже боготворят, называть футболиста ослом?

  9. djbruno

    While your English can be shocking, it’s the horrible level Russian that discredits you with the Russian public here. Don’t you know our own language?

  10. While your English can be shocking, it's the horrible knowledge of Russian that discredits you with the Russian fans here. Don't you know your own language?


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