Redknapp warns of tough European campaign for Spurs


Harry Redknapp

Villarreal walked away from White Hart Lane last night with a comprehensive 4-1 friendly win against Spurs.

Harry Redknapp believes that this is a warning of how difficult a Champions League campaign could be for Spurs this season.

“They were good, weren’t they?” Redknapp told the official site. “I thought they were excellent, a really good side that played good football.

“They were sharp, bright and lively and I was very impressed with them.

“It just shows how hard it will be when we get into Europe.

“They finished seventh in the Spanish League last season. I’ve seen a bit of them recently but they were outstanding.

“They passed and moved and that’s how they play the game, the kids play like it, they all play like it and that’s perhaps how we should all be playing the game. They were very, very good, very impressive.”

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  1. Lets hope this is the reality check that Spurs need to remind them whats installed in the coming season. It also shows that we lack people upfront and the back. Spurs have been too quiet in the transfer market. All talk and speculations but no results. Hope DosSantos can maintain his world cup form as well.

  2. This is where players of character need to step up- & coaches need to implement a system where the club get back to team work- we allowed them to impose & we were frightened of the ball- just like England. They were finding their players- we barely managed over 10 passess all night. Whilst Villareal passed for fun. This is quality of CL- for though V. finished 7th in La Ligan they have been a CL team. Great game for the boys to play in- WE WILL IMPROVE FROM THIS- I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS!


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