Redknapp wary of rushing Lennon


Aaron Lennon - Headline

Harry Redknapp has claimed he will not be rushing Aaron Lennon back from his groin injury and will check on his fitness before risking him in any of Spurs’ remaining fixtures.

Lennon made his comeback as a substitute in Spurs 3-1 defeat at Manchester United on Saturday, playing the final 25 minutes.

That was Lennon’s first appearance of 2010 and Redknapp will be cautious before throwing the winger into the battle to secure fourth place.

“Lennon could be key player.

“I don’t know really. It depends how he is.

“He came on, but he never really got into a sprint. That is his first run out, so we will have to see how he is this week.”

Lennon is battling to play a part in Tottenham’s run-in, whilst also hoping to prove his fitness in time to take part in this summer’s World Cup.

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  1. Once they went behind, SPURS sudddenly looked far too good for United. I wasn’t at all surprised when we scored. I barely celebrated, it was all too easy. Then we sat back again, and went down to Nani’s great finish. I guess everyone was asking themselves why Kaboul didnt stay at left back, and why Bale didnt begin the game left-wing. All to accomodate an under-par Palacios. Still, good that Villa beat the Blues, as they may just have the motivation to beat City next week!

  2. He had one little sprint and Oshea tripped him then Scholes flung him to the floor this will be Harrys problem how do you be careful with a player who gets fouled a lot . There is only one way to play this and either leave him out for England and then he breaks down and spoils another players chances or use him and let Capellow see he is fit and raring to go to south Africa . Harry should play him and if he gets injured then let him have is operation and be fit for Spurs and England European qualifiers and hopefully our champions league games

  3. i was at the game yesterday at old trafford and have to admit when i heard palacios was playing i was aghast to be honest. had a winning team that played well and changed it, it baffled me some what on this formation, esp benoit at right back. play kaboul on the right take the chance on him. bale played a blinder on the wing against the gooners and the chavs. he must get the balance right for the bolton game and drop wilson, play modric and hudd in the middle. defoe and pav or eider up front. with villa winning today, we must get three points sat and hopefully villa and man city cancel one another out. puts us four points infront of the mancs going into the crunch game. they will have to come at us that game, play into our hands as a draw or a win will guarantee us fourth place, as the meer kats say simples!!

  4. Well said stratty but i spoke about Harry tactical ability months ago he is a very good motivator but he needs to ditch our Kev from is side and install is son Jamie . He has said he sometimes listens to Jamie our Kev apart from looking like glum and glummer alongside Harry is also not a tactical person in his previous job has a manager he got sacked . Why is it every fan on these blogs had the insight to see Ekotto on the Right would unbalance the squad this is like putting car tyres from the back of you car to the front . What this done to our team was like Boxing with one hand behind your back we could only jab and defend Utd had five men with Giggs joining in this meant at times fletcher or Scholes could help in defense they had Nani and valencia wide keeping Bale Modric Ekotto and Bentley occupied while Giggs Scholes Fletcher and Berbatov only had Huddlestone and Palacios to worry themin midfield Defoe and Pav stayed upfront isolated . The one thing Harry could have done for the first half was told defoe to go back on the right and moved Modric in between Hudds and Palacios . I can see why he put Ekotto right back because of Vallencia and Nanies pace but he nulifyed ours and made it easy for Utd to track back an defend , Palyuchenko should have moved about more he let Vidic climb allover him and very rarely won a header . This game with the right Tactics and no Rooney was there for the taking playing 424 is said to be old fashioned but if you get the balance right like we did against Chelsea it can be devastating and great to watch get it wrong and one mistakes will ruin your game . This new five man Midfield is only successful on two things having a player with the ability to hold the ball up for team mates to join in and crucially a team full of running for 90+ mins This system works well in the premiership because of the dreadful drug testing and there reluctance to stamp out abuse because of the size of the problem. The new Target testing will only catch Steroid and Growth Hormones Abuse but not energized teams . The only way to stop full teams with or without the managers knowledge is by taking three points of the offending players team plus a short ban . When Paddy Kenny failed a drugs test he played a major part in getting is team to Wembley if a Portsmouth player failed a similar test would we Spurs fans think he was the only guilty player, the answer is yes if you had not done research you wouldn't have a clue its used by teams to make there Tempo high and to nullify another teams attacks . Why do i keep banging the same drum and getting my fans mad well its simple when i discovered one of the cartel we are trying to shift out of the top four using Ephedrine the rugby league and Union curse . I educated myself by watching a rugby team using this drug and see firstly did they play better the answer was yes three times better how did it improve there Game by allowing them to keep running in a straight energized line and stopping the other team passing and creating and when they tired late on scoring loads of try's does this ring a bell Utd Liverpool and now a few others . Now the reason i keep banging on is i can see teams using this Energy to stop our attacks and Harry playing players out of position is masking the real reason we never played well. We was not allowed to play by being closed down and squeezed for space . If you rerun the game you will see the mesmeric way Utd chase the ball till a player get trapped and is only option is boot the ball down field and lose the ball , Another feature is when the other team do manage to attack there will be at least six players in the box even in the 90 min+ . Now lets look at side affects this is what to look for deep red faces reason overheating blood pressure rising. Nausea vomiting in worse cases (reason ) dehydrating . weight loss main area in the face gaunt looking reason it was a slimming aid and cold remedy . The main and worse case scenario is sudden death and strokes when Nanni suddenly crouched clutching is chest and going dizzy and the ref run over i thought the worse and seeing Evra being sick like a Volcano erupting made me think and then Nani having another episode made me even more convinced all is not well with Fergies players Fletcher looks ill Giggs could barley speak and focus in is interview just like the Hull goalkeeper when he saved Hull fro a hiding yes my fellow Cockerels my drum is banging even louder with what i have seen lately and with Teves running around a lot and 7 iron Bellamy once playing for the sarcastically named Duracell Bunnies there is a lot more twist and turns to come from a shock season and is a big message to fans dont judge a player in our league but in the world cup Till the new Target Testing is allowed by pampered players in the words of Sol Campbell are a special case and should not have testing like athletes another objectors Fergie players union Gordan Taylor. the FA . One last foot note the fastest player in a game this year was Wallcott no surprise there but the second fastest is no other than Sol Campbell our very own Boo Boy i rest my case. This is only a rumourmans view and not factual unless you are guilty .COYS

  5. Real shame that therumourman couldn't find room for paragraph breaks, as his post is now all but unreadable.

    We did look good at points but in general were the weaker of two rather shoddy looking top 4 sides. I share others dismay at the changing of a team that looked comfortable against the rest of the big 3. Still the Arse did do us a favour and we are still in the driving seat.

    7 points will guarantee us 4th, 6 points will be enough if three of them come at Eastlands. COYS


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