Redknapp: We want to get to Wembley again


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is determined to see his side book their Wembley date in the FA Cup.

Redknapp, however admits that Spurs face a tough test in the quarter-final replay against Fulham at White Hart Lane on March 24.  The winners will face Portsmouth in the semi-final at Wembley.

Redknapp told the Haringey Independent: “This is a fantastic competition. Ask any fan and this means a huge amount. We want to get to Wembley again, for sure.

“We’re at home now and we’ll look forward to it, but we know it’ll be another tough game.”

He added “We had a lot of possession, a lot of the game, but it was a fair result.”

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  1. What this season has taught me is there is no game where you can be comfortable and soon has we score i go underground .By this i mean i take the dog for a walk and let the wife or a mate ring me or text if we score again. If all These shocks keep happening then the premiership will turn into the championship .You can see the tempo on teams involved in shocks rises dramatically during these games and most of them end up one nil.I have been called a few names for having the bollocks to mention this blatant cheating and sadly it falls on deaf ears .And because of this good teams will miss out on winning silverware because of these Energized teams and we could be one of those teams losing out .The thing i cant understand is this all over Europe and beyond players are failing drug tests except here yet if so many fav were getting beat in Horse racing the alarm bells would be ringing loudly and they did and they found jockeys fiddling drug taking even the Queens trainer was caught drugging Horses .So how can we has fans trust our team is not getting cheated buy a team using energy drugs to win i no the truth but getting one person to believe is harder than when i found out it was happening . This is not just one or two players but whole chewing gum teams the sad but funny thing is the team i found out where using this method to win have just been beaten by it.Its not because they have stopped using this Energy, no its because they have to many games to play in the week using this energy twice in a week is to dangerous and is one of the reasons deaths where happening last year in my opinion through over use and mixing Caffeine drinks to stop dry mouths during games now players spit it out or chew gum another dangerous practice someone could choke .Teams are limiting this method in some cases to one half and they try to keep the score down then come out Energized in the second half .One last thought on this matter how can a team looking tired two goals down with players comming back from long injuries and two top players missing suddenly look like they had just kicked of the answer is they cant under normal circumstances the last shock Wigan was enjoyed by me and all Spurs and City and Villa supporters but the facts are it could be us or them next.This Energy is so simple to spot if you believe its Happening the amount of players looking gaunt is staggering chewing gum also red faces from blood boiling with excursion chasing the ball allover the pitch without worrying about wasting energy is all there if you look and if my Team where using this drug i can tell you apart from Hudds size we would not get beat by Wolves Stoke and a few others if we was i would back Spurs using Energy against any team for at least a draw . These teams i will be taking the dog out if we score before half time Blackburn Fulham and Sadly desperate Pompey.My fans ask me why keep going on every week well the simple truth is if there is no voice then some of these teams would be above us and we would be in a relegation dog fight ,Because after the have beaten Spurs they have got beat themselves by other Energized teams . Lets hope one voice helps to stamp out this Rugby league curse of teams blocking saving and winning one nil or we will just have to blood our kids and save our millions or buy cheap and win like The Stokes and Fulhams of the footballing world have done

  2. kenny do what i did and ask uk sport they told me what i already no and to prove it would mean telling on my wife’s niece is husband . The prove is out there if you read my rant above and i reported this team 2 years ago and since then one player has been caught is excuse he bought cough mixture by mistake and he plays in goals when i mentioned some of the Goalkeeping displays against us the fans on here like you said why would a goalkeeper take Energy drugs well he said i had a bad chest infection where was is club doctor so you see its no good proving it because the Fa will keep silent like they always have.Do you want me to keep silent while we lose everything because of cheats because if you do then fair comment but remember this Mutu and the two Dynamo Moscow players and Paddy Kenny danny Caddamateri are not alone this is a team drug. You want prove all i will tell you is this the yellow and grey capsules are dished out before and after half time this has now stopped because of the side affects of this drug it causes strokes blood clots and heart attacks through over exhaustion to you and me running to much if my story is a millon miles away from the truth why one player taking Ephedrine go to the drug testing agency on the web and you will be amazed who is taking this energy drug and banned .Do you think in all these years only one player has took drugs in the prem Mutu rubbish i will stop because every fan on these blogs are shooting the messenger instead of the cheats .This amazing year we have witnessed a player throwing a ball anytime during 90 mins like a rocket is manager is now saying he used to be a javelin thrower we have Teams in the bottom beating teams at the top all one nil Burnley utd wolves 2 Spurs Wigan Liverpool the list goes on and if you look at the interviews on sky after the match its there eyes red face and neck if you get pissed i can tell and so can you its the same with drugs and steroids is easy to spot and i don’t mean bulk because the latest one has no bulk.They say ignorance is blissful well i wish i ha dent found out because then i could like you and my other fans blame it on Harry and the lads for Wolves defeat and the rest to come this will be my last blog and the record will be filed under not proved by me and the testers. i wish my team all the luck in the world because we have paid for our talent unlike some they have made there’s with chemicals.COYS

  3. ‘this will be my last blog’

    Davspurs! Say it isn’t so! We hang on your every malformed word. Please don’t leave us!!! Who will fight the war on energy in your absence???

  4. honestly, we have been defined by mediocrity for so long. i think our squad has been consistently solid this year (except for that dreadful wolves away game) and i can’t wait till we meet chelsea in the fa cup final. as for the league, those three “big three” games in a row are gonna be tough. we need city to falter or i’m afraid the final spot is theirs. and please don’t overrate pav. he’s a super finisher but can also be super lazy at times.


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