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Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that they would be interested in signing Portsmouth forward Peter Crouch.

Harry Redknapp is a huge admirer of the England international, having previously signed him at both Pompey and Southampton.

Portsmouth have already accepted bids from Sunderland and Fulham, but Crouch is rumoured to be waiting to see if Spurs make a move.

“I like Peter. I’ve signed him several times and he’s a top player,” Redknapp told Sky Sports News. “He’s a player that we could be interested in, but we’ll have to wait and see.

“Portsmouth obviously want to sell him now, they’ve accepted offers for him, so if they want to sell him, we’d be interested.”

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  1. Great energy,gives you height in the box and has good skill.One thing you know is he will always give 100%.Could do a hell of a lot worse.

  2. Good buy, Crouchie in the middle with Keano and defoe running off him, Lennon on 1 wing and Hopefully Young on the other and Modric going wherever he wants, what a team!!!

  3. i agree, i trust harry in signing the right players (except for Chimbonda, what’s up with that exactly?)… crouch could be a great addition to the squad as he holds the ball very well and has a great eye for distributing the ball.


  4. Definatley. Look what he did at Liverpool (and with England) with the right service.

    He’s a big (excuse the pun) player who performs, scores you goals and brings something different to the table with his height. He would also allow us to have the ‘little/large’ combination upfront with Keane playing off the front two.

    Get the deal done Arry!

  5. Maybe for a last resort, but I do prefer Crouch to Keane to partner Jermain Defoe.

    They were awesome teogther at Pompey and did wonders. I think they could do that at Spurs.

    I would rather have Huntelaar though…hopfully Harry can pull something with that player


    If that is a reason to buy him – well bring him on ‘Arry…

  7. How ambitious are we….
    we could get Negredo or Huntelaar and were trying to sign Crouch.

    Dont accept second best I say.

    This is madness….why not buy Martins, Duff , and pennant as well.

    Im losing faith….sort it out Levy

  8. Harry Redknapp is going to take us backwards, sign up all your old mates and turn us into a long ball team. Ramos was the man to keep, but, the board wouldn’t let him sign the players he wanted, cast your minds back to when spurs played Seville, it looked like men against boys at times, Seville looked a class team, but our little soft brat players didn’t like ramos’ winning training and discipline measures and player power got him the sack. This is a joke, bent or and pav for crouch. Get him out before it’s too late. He still thinks he’s managing west ham or portsmouth. I see another wasted season on the horizon, with harry gone by january.

  9. Bornastheking – agree with all you say except he wont be gone by January. I think Levy’s gameplan is to spend as little as possible until the new stadium is built. That fits with ‘Arry because class players wont work with him anyway.

  10. Yiddo – you are dreaming. HR will win the same for us as he’s won for 30 years – nothing (yes except one FA Cup).

  11. Jacko

    I hate fans like you… What has Redknapp done at Spurs to make you doubt?? No players bought in yet so can’t criticise there, one of the best records of any manager of tottenham EVER so far.

    One small rumour in the press and its HARRY OUT, i bet you did the same with Jol & Ramos. Pathetic, why dont you try for once getting behind the manager, he’s done fine so far.

    Also, in the past the clubs he’s run have been fine: He got Pompey a first cup in decades, and kept them in the league and doing very well, without any money… with us he’ll do fine.

    If he fails then say what you want. Until then its just stupid.

    Dont bother replying, i’m off now. Don’t wanna waste more time on you brainless wonders.

  12. Yiddo, as a fellow spurs fan i’ll refrain from the name calling. How would we know how successful Ramos would of have been as he wasn’t given complete autonamy. If Ferguson is the benchmark for all managers, who is more like him, Ramos or redknapp? As much as i loved Martin Jol, he had taken us as far as he could without a wealth of winning experience to draw upon. With regards to being negative, i’ll be positive when there’s a reason to be, i’m like all spurs fans, an eternal optimist.

  13. Fair enough, maybe i said to much, but i stand by the point that until he has done something wrong we shouldn’t criticise. So far he has been great, so let him get on with it.

  14. Crouchie at the Lane wayhey! I like the idea… His missus ain’t too bad either!

    Spurs are on their wat to Wem-ber-leigh!! Tottenham’s gonna do it again!

  15. Looks like there’s been a bit off Harry bashing on here.. I’m forever in his debt.. end-of.. Top 4 and the FA cup would be nice though eh Harry?!


  16. Harry has never been at the helm of a club as big as ours.. with the resources at his disposal we will move FORWARDS not backwards. If he’s ever been a long-ball merchant then it’s been a tactic he’s had to employ out of need.. Piss off doubters, Ramos couldn’t even speak the lingo, the players got lightweight and OK we’ll never know what he’d be like with the autonomy Harry now has, but I remember nearly dropping my beer having the 2 points we had last season and beating Bolton 2-0 on Harry’s arrival

    Get lost cynics.

  17. Please dont sign crouch…hes a one trick poney!!!good in air and at volleing…sh*t touch sh*t pace!Makes the team just ping useless balls to the attack thus given the possesion away…GET PODOLSKI!!!!CLASS BUY HE WOULD BE!!!!AROUND 15mil would be a bargain

  18. Lewisham spur.
    Where were you educated, Rampton? If somebody doesn’t agree with you they are cynics and can piss off. I mostly agree with the HR doubters, check how many games portsmouth went without a win at home under him, showing they could only play counter attacking football, if he left tottenham tomorrow where would he go next, HR publicly put his hat in the ring for bellamy, downing and now crouch, what a great frontline that would be and he gave up the 20mil we somehow managed to get for the turncoat keane who can’t play with the great defoe and then took the captains armband off ledley the king. Now we’re competing with sunderland and fulham for players. Oh yes we are really moving forwards. top 4 and an FA cup win. We wish. Get real.

  19. Bornastheking, you must be a Gooner? either that or the biggest pr*ck to ever support Tottenham. What Harry done last season was nothing short of a miracle. Not only saving us from relegation but nearly getting us into Europe and to a Cup Final.
    Ramos completely lost the plot at Spurs, and couldn’t speak a word of English either which is totally ridiculous if you are managing an English team. If he’d stayed in charge we WOULD have gone down.
    Now why don’t you f*ck off back to Islington!!

  20. so i must i then iam another one 23cup finals [charityshields not included]ive been too watch spurs for 50yrs played for 35 run teams and yes i neaver run a pro club please dont tell i dont know nothing about football arry is as dodgy as george graham and arry inherited a bloody good side and u cannot tell me otherwise and dont insult anybody by calling them a gooner peter crouch we sold way back and shouldnt bring im back not good enough and not better than wat we have which arry said he would only improve on! otherwise leave alone

  21. nice 1 spurs 1950.
    the milky bar yid is a proper idiot and he’ll be eating his words soon enough, we’re not the only SPURS FANS who think like this. Peter crouch in a spurs shirt, it’s gonna happen. Oh my god. I only hope it’s a bluff to real madrid about the huntelaar fee.

  22. milky bar yid, (great name by the way)

    I must be a gooner coz i'm not a redknapp fan eh, harry did do a good job last season and we're all grateful, but making the most of some brilliant players to get us out of relegation is one thing, making us a force for the future is another. Hows fabio cappellos english? Ramos was managing comollis players. The players nearly got us relegated last season not Ramos, they decided to stop playing til he left.

    Wake up and smell the sh#te under your nostrils.

  23. Oh pllleeeease 12m being quoted for super crutch spurs reject???12m would get the left winger/left back we need. at 5m cruthcy would worth the option to keep Defoe happy .But silly money noooo to see us hoofing high balls from the goal mouth by ex shef united defenders is shamefull. ide rather have his bird up front….if you know what i mean!


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