Redknapp: I think I can win the title with Tottenham


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp believes that Tottenham are capable of mounting a title challenge.

He said: “I think we have got a title in us at this club. But I don’t think about finishing in the top four too much, really.

“I don’t go to sleep worrying about it, thinking ‘I’ve got to get in the Champions League because Tottenham are always in it every year!’ Yeah, Tottenham always used to finish above Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool … they get in every year. I have come here and f***ed up their team!

“If we finish fifth and reach the Champions League quarter-finals … what can you do? I will not lose any sleep over it.

“Whether other people who don’t know football are satisfied, I don’t know. Are we really supposed to finish above Man City, after the money they have spent? And Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United…? I think I can win the title with Tottenham but I can’t put a time-frame on it.”

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  1. We can’t beat teams as shite as wolves, west ham, Wigan etc and he thinks we’ll win the league. We can’t even put the ball in the net. Besides the European tour this season is petering out to be very ordinary indeed.

  2. A manager who is not able to see the enormous talent of giovanni dos-santos (today he produced a victory goal for santander)will never be able to lead his club to leadership!!!!

  3. he wont lose sleep if we dont finish fourth? fucking hell. i wake up in cold sweats if i dont do the treble on football manager!

  4. omething like this could be possible ONLY if we could replace a number of our current players with new ones who would fulfil certain criteria. I would say that if we could buy 5-7 new players, on the condition that those new players will have some predetermined necessary qualities, and could use some of our young players currently on loan, our team would be after two years a real title contender for many following years independently of the money the other teams could spend. The total transfer cost for those new players would never exceed 65m. Winning championships depends on certain crucial qualities that the majority of the players of a team have.

  5. This sounds like a man with another job lined up and wants to win the big one the Champions league. Getting into the top four is a lot harder with all the energy abuse. Harry should be ringing the FA and asking them to stamp it out and stop clubs paying fortunes for players with a sixth gear, Watch England and see some of the players suddenly go slow like Carragher did, Harry is right about the top four but its got nothing to do with Money its more to do with energy levels getting topped up.

  6. You've done a great job to get Spurs where they are & we'll all be behind you when you get there,but you did miss a chance when you gave up Saures,not good enough for EPL ?
    You did see his speed,free kicks,passing and THAT goal against Sunderland ? I'm having a very sweet cup of coffee right now (10 a.m.) just to wipe off that bitter taste in my month for a great chance lost. Now forget about Chelsea,too good,but let's get ManC.


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