Redknapp won’t blame ‘secret party’ for Wolves defeat


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Harry Redknapp has revealed his disappointment that players went against his wishes and had a Christmas party.

However, Redknapp doesn’t feel that their party in ireland was to blame for the defeat to Wolves, three days afterwards.

The Sun reported that 16 first-team players each paid £2000 to captain Robbie Keane in order to spend a night in bars and clubs in Dublin, with Redknapp under the impression they were in Ireland to play golf.

Redknapp has been vocal about his opinion that professional footballers should not drink alcohol, but refuses to blame their shock home defeat to Wolves last weekend on the actions of his players.

“Wednesday was their day off and Robbie told me they were going to Ireland to play golf. I had no problem with that.

“However, it is widely known that I do not approve of Christmas parties and I’ve always made it clear players should only drink in moderation.

“Whatever happened in Ireland, I do not accept it had any effect on the result against Wolves.

“The squad trained brilliantly on Thursday and Friday and there were other reasons why we lost that match.

“In Wednesday this week, when we beat Man City 3-0, you could see the true character and talent in this team.”

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  1. What a bunch of big time Charlie’s, here we are on the verge of breaking into the top four (finers crossed) and these over paid pratts go on the piss and then lose and play like they are suffering from a hang over. Thanks very much!!!!


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