Redknapp’s post match comments vs Bolton


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp was unhappy with Tottenham’s defending after watching his side lose 4-2 at Bolton.

It was back down to earth with a dump following the midweek win against Inter, with an awful, narrow display at the Reebok Stadium.

He told Sky Sports: “It is obviously disappointing. They got after us, they did well. They worked hard, pressed us, didn’t let us play. It was difficult.

“Away from home we start the game trying to be solid in the first half, and we had some good opportunities.

“But we went a goal down, so I brought another striker on, went 4-4-2 and we are as open as a barn door. And that is the problem.

“We are too open. We don’t defend well enough. The game was too open and you can’t be doing that.

“That is the balancing act you try to sort out. We got punished.”

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  1. Thats 4 defeats in the first 11 games and we haven't really played anyone decent. Can anyone tell me since the first day of the season when we last played well in the league because i dont think we have played well at all. Really think we will finish 8th or 9th so make the most of the champs league this season cos we wont be in it again for a while

  2. I blame the manager and the poor choices he made, Yes Bale is not the team but for god sake, play 442 against teams like Bolton and please dump Crouch, why he persists with this useless fool god only knows, Pav yet again proved his worth but why can he not get a run in the team? He has more talent in his little finger than Crouch in his whole body and as for Hutton, play him forward like Bale, the guy has more skill than people understand. COYS

    • completely agree with BigSpursFan…….. we should play 442 every game…play Pav ….Bently or Hutton should have played in right-wing… and may play gallas in left-back and give BAE rest………

  3. Krancjar blew his chance big time. Looks realy off the pace. Palacios isn't anything close to what he was last season. I won't bother talking abt Crouch. Hutton is impressive. Why would Harry make three big changes in midfield? I thought he said that the League is his priority?

  4. Crouch had a lot of critics last season and I was convinced they were wrong – I backed him. Not anymore. He can’t play up front on his own. His main strength is knocking the ball down to other strikers and when he’s the only one there he’s close to useless. Comical defending at times. The first goal (offside, as if that mattered in the end) was a joke. The second, well, goals like that are conceded by every team. BAE, one of our best players today, still showed he’s a liability in the area. And the 4th was just due to us chasing the equaliser. We really missed Dawson/Defoe/Lennon/Hudd/VDV today. Don’t get mad at the team, I reckon with half of our best outfield players missing we’re doing well to be in 6th. Can’t wait for the antichrist of football aka Kevin Davies to retire!

    • Yup,we missed those fellas but that can't be an excuse. It's Arry's awful selection and lacklustre performance that have caused us massively. The 6'7" sex pervert is a useless cunt! For God's sake, ditch him now!!!!

  5. modric and hud should have started in the centre with two up front, our midfield were strangers to each other today, crazy starting line up- no continuity there. knew this was coming, no surprise at all

  6. A very disappointing performance for all of us, fans, especially after what we had seen of Spurs against Inter Milan. Spurs were sluggish for the greater part of the match and lost the ball too easily. Once again,Harry did not make a proper selection of players in my opinion.

  7. I think Harry made things difficult for the team to meet todays Challenge, Bolton came into this game as we went into our game with inter, their effort was never gonna be in doubt and we had to match that or at least have a decent plan / set-up to be ready for it, we weren’t!

    Krancjar out right? why? and why? play Sandro and Palacious, too defense -its not our strong point, and it wasn’t gonna result in stability at all, those two selections / choices left us unbalanced, why not play Krancjar in AM and drop Modric back to CM with ONE of the Defensive CM’s pairing and have bale, Kranc’ and Bently above behind crouch (Should’ve been Pav, but i know harry won’t start playing him from the start) that would have pushed Bolton back and we would have coped better, the defense played 90mins against inter I think so I’m not mad- at them, just hope Harry learns from today. but I do back him! no one is perfect, somedays we get it wrong, just hope we don’t have too many more days like this!

  8. Quite frankly I’m disgusted with spurs. There were players out there who moan about being left out the team yet when they get a chance they put in a performance like that. A performance completely devoid of energy, passion and commitment and crouch is undoubtedly the worst striker I have ever seen in a spurs shirt. A shameful display. Anything gained from tuesday night has been completely wasted. I give them my heart and soul and all they give me in return is heartache and pain.

  9. Lads why cant you see what i was told three seasons ago its in Harry's statement they got after us they pressed us and never let us play this football only applies in the premiership ,we have lost to Wigan West Ham Bolton. Every fan and hack says the same thing why . This is why Capello has a hard job picking players they don't play with the same Tempo and the reason can be sadly summed up with Spurs playing 12 million for a player costing one million . To sum up Bolton look at Wigan Blackburn Fulham Blackpool West brom Wolves low budget High Tempo teams and it has even spread to top teams in Dept Harry needs to join in or face a relegation battle its fast tempo because no one gets caught .He failed today because he kept a tired defence against a team energised and a midfield with no play maker only when Modric came back did we play better and a half fit Huddlestone came on . Crouch plays well with Defoe or Van we let four Goals in not one was Crouch Fault he plays well for England and in Europe because he has more time in the premiership if you want to no why ring UK SPORT i did and they shocked me with there answer its not there Fault but the FA turning a blind eye lets hope Sugar gets the top job then we will chase the ball in threes for 94 mins and we can buy players costing one million FIND OUT WHY TEMPO IS SO HIGH LIKE I DID AND YOU WONT CALL CROUCH BUT THE FA. LOOK AT THE DEATHS LOOK AT THE STROKES AND YOU WONT BE SHOCKED

  10. The problem is that we miss Defoe and Dawson big time. We had five players out today who would walk into the team Lennon, Defoe, Dawson, King and Van der Vaart. That is basically our backbone. Sandro will take time to gel, Kranjcaer needs regular games to get back to where he was and Gallas looked dodgy with poor passing.

  11. Harry Redknapp and the players are being found out in the league this season. They cannot handle league matches and the champions league together, as Chelsea, ManU and Arsenal have learned to do. Once again Harry has shown he’s no master tactician. As for the players, Palacios and Sandro simply look inadequate, Crouch must be owed something by the manager to keep getting picked, although Pav isn’t much better. Hutton was the only highlight today.


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