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Harry Redknapp criticised quality of the Wembley pitch and Tottenham’s failure to finish their chances after their FA Cup semi-final defeat to Portsmouth.

There’s no avoiding the fact that Tottenham were dismal and could have potentially blown their chance of European football next season – based on that performance.

“It’s disappointing obviously, a massive disappointment,” Redknapp told Sky Sports. “We had our chances, but couldn’t take one.

“We had enough opportunities, but either hit the keeper or missed them and you’ve got to stick them away when they come.

“Credit to Portsmouth. They kept going and were dangerous on the counter attack. They had pace up front.

“Unfortunately a costly slip by Dawson on a terrible pitch, which is a disgrace for anybody to play on, but that’s not an excuse for getting beat.

“Avram (Grant) did a good job. He set them up well and I wish them every success in the final.”

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  1. Harry better realise the likes of Crouch is not going to get you Champions League football and although i do admire Crouch's work rate, the big fella lacks any quality.
    I'm also sick and tired of Defoe banging in 3 goals at Hull and 5 against Wigan and any other goals against the poorer teams in the PL, yet when it comes to the massive against games against any of the top 4 and now this semi final the game seems to bypass him.

    Our season is over and the only thing to play for now is to dent either Arsenal's or Chelsea's pursuit of the title.

    Another season at Spurs where so much was promised and ends with very nothing being delivered.

  2. We played well without really threatening, lost the first goal through an unfortunate slip, had a perfectly legitimate goal disallowed and conceded a penalty despite Wilson making a good challenge. Sh*t happens!

    Let's pick ourselves up. It's a tall order, but we can still make the Champions League, if not the Europa League.

    Whatever happens, we're heading in the right direction! COYS!!!!

  3. I went to the game today and sat on the halfway line right up in the Gods, I could really see the whole game. We just looked like we didn't turn up. Too many players strolling around thinking a bit of magic would win us the game. We already thought we had it in the bag before the we kicked off. So did the fans!

    This was a walk in the park, the problem was no one told Portsmouth that. It was a terrible game of football, won by a mistake by Dawson.

    Yes the pitch was awful but the attitude of the players was worse. 35,000 spurs fans spent lot of money today to go and see their team and we were let down terribly.

    If we play like that against Arsenal, Man U, or Chelsea we will get thumped. Now come on Spurs there is all to play for.

    Pompey sang us out of Wembley from the kick off. The fans must get behind the team more. We have become used to better but that is no excuse to sit and moan when we are not playing well.

    Today was an embarassment but lets put it behind us and crack on! COYS

  4. To be honest I fear Steve is right witth this one. Given Tottenham's traits, I would be utterly amazed if we bounce back quickly from this. With Wilson now suspended Im fearful of total humuiliation in the next few games and us getting beat 3 or 4 by the big teams. In many ways the next few games are the real test for Spurrs to see if we've made any progress this season. Redknapp came out to defend Spurs few weeks ago in response to Hansen's swipe that Spurs will always let you down at some point. If we can somehow come back from this and at least make a fight of 4th place it will prove we have progressed. If we fall off the map it will prove we're dealing with the same old Tottenham and it will in turn have reprecussions on our mental state for next season too. Big month ahead for Spurs

  5. It was the best chance Spurs had in the Cup for years and in all honesty the best they are likely to have for a few years to come once the board does its usual cyclical selling of our best players to the big guns. We didn't have to play a top 7 team at any time in our run and still laboured our way through each round with replays thus sapping a squad of energy for the league and all to bottle it against a doomed team. If there's one team that you could trust to bend over and supply the fairytale to that happened today its Spurs – and that point has true for the last 20 years or so through all the various ownners, playing staff and managers who have passed through in that time.. A team of real character will stand up and be counted on Wednesday. Will Spurs?

  6. Nothing was promised this season. I don't know where all this talk has come from that we were favorites to make the top-four. This was the first season in a long time that every journo wasn't picking us to finish in the CL places. We had a great start, and after some blips in late Sept, and some goal scoring droughts in Dec., we have put ourselves in a great position. 70 points should do it. You would expect us to beat Bolton and Burnley, and if we beat City then we just need to get 3 points from the top three. We got 4 points in the same fixtures last year, when the top three squads were definitely stronger. We still have our destiny in our own hands, and now we have to go out and take it. But this year we have shown the strongest steps yet as to what we will become. Without breaking the bank, we have put together a strong squad, and a player or two more (as well as better luck with injuries, or better physios) and we could be challenging the very top teams. I don't think we will get fourth, but I hope we will, and I know it will be a fun ride. COYS!

  7. I totally agree with the comments about crouch..i wrote this on another site!…

    Plain and simple crouch was the problem today..he cant control the ball, hence why there were so many pinball moments. The team plays better without him. Krancjer was equally as shocking when he came many times did bale put that ball in the box and crouch fluffed it..defoe and pav should have started, taking defoe off was wrong, it should have been crouch for pav. Im fed up with redknapp as well, he isnt a top 4 manager, he doesnt have it in him. He sits on the bench motionless not one display of of any passion for the team. Redknapp has already taken us as far as he is capable of in my opinion. And the less we see of crouch the better. He should be a bench player at the most. Yes we are still having a good season but Redknapp has in my opinion proved himself to be tactically enept and unable to see and rectify the problems within the team. Sinply put he is not and does not possess the abilty to take us to the top 4 level.

  8. CONT >Factors went against us today, the gods were on pompeys side. The pitch was terrible and if dawson doesnt slip pompey dont score. The free kick which took the ball in box for that goal was not a free kick either. We have a perfectly good goal chalked off and the penalty was not a pen. Palacios got the ball. I thought hudd looked off the pace today so im suprised gudjohnson was not on quicker. Bentley should of stayed on longer and crouch should of been subbed for pav.

    We bossed the game in terms of shots, possesion, area possesion and corners. The stats dont lie, it was that final cutting edge we missed..hardly suprising when we had crouch up front all game, who i may add was getting in the way of pav. But for this we have redknapp to blame, he picks the team and tactics, he decides the subs and once again..he blew it!
    That coupled with nothing going our way and i really think we were not supposed to win this, it was not meant for us. Good luck pompey, please beat chelsea in the have my backing.

  9. Very disappointing to witness that spectacle. We were awful and we can’t blame it all on the pitch. As I’ve been saying for ages our starting strikers should be Pav and Defoe we tried everything to go through Crouch and it just does not work. Almost every set piece we had involved a ball over the top to him and most no all of them came to nothing Crouch is an impact player for me full stop. And I wish it were possible to revue ref decisions as they do in Rugby League because that foul on David James never was in fact he dived on Nico Krancjar and came off second best and the foul was given but that aside from that we can have no complaints because we were awful.

  10. Yes I know it is disappointing…after the result yesterday…but I rather be where we are now then fighting a relegation battle….we still have games to play for that can still define our season, so lets cheer the lads on…and hopefully the defeat yesterday would spur them on.

  11. All the fans like myself are very disappointed to what seemed like an anti-climax. All our expectations are dashed to the ground. I am surprised we could not get a goal in from nearly 20 corners. Our strikers lacked decisiveness and sharpness up front. This is why we missed all our scoring chances. In spite of a bad pitch and bad referee decisions, Spurs were definitele not at their best for such an important match against a more motivated and resolute Pompey.

  12. Harry will never get us in the champions league. He always plays his mates regardless. What had the £9m freak done to get a starting line up instead of Pav? The first time I saw bobblehead move from his dug out yesterday was when he celebrated the pompey goal. What sort of manager who's worth anything sits on his ass for the whole of a semi final? The bloke is a 100% c#nt.

  13. Another big game another shocking performance ! thfc have develpoed a mentallity where they play the occassion not the team in front of them .if we played portsmouth in a meaningless league game we would cruise it transfer that match to a final or a crucial match to break away from the pack in the race for a champions league spot and they mentally collapse poor results against Hull, stoke ,wolves sunderland all have this in common! if you take Fergies saying" squeeky bum time " we got the Shits big time! Defoe , Huddlestone are serial offenders but are not alone the Final 5% of top level sport ,that which distinguishes winners and losers is all in the mind our players are mentally weak and results like this will continue if you persist playing players like huddlestone a man whos lethergy spreads through the team like a cancer it would be a start if the club consigned players like him and Jenas to where they belong (West brom or west Ham) it would represent a short step on a long rd.


  15. I agree with alot of these posts ,in mainly one area. Harry has
    undoubtedly reached his potential as our manager ,whether this
    keeps Dan Levy happy I dont know. the other is that Crouch and
    Defoe are a good Pompey line up…never ever matching the spurs
    standards. Crouch is the most irritating scratch I ve ever had
    and defoe goes through most seasons and most games invisibly brilliant. This season aside (only goals wise)he deosnt offer
    an all round game and u can see the genuine quality players like
    eider and pav are at a loss with their passing movement and awareness. If Defoe wasnt Spurs Id be even more honest ,id swap
    bentley for almost anyone else in the premiership…this guy plays with contempt and a laziness that befits well..anyone else.
    I just hope and prey that having formed what is the basis of a genuinely talented side that we shed the dead wood and realise
    our potential….as fans we deserve it. Cos lets face it ,how much did yesterdayset back the true fan £150 -£400 with kids ..??
    the players always get their millions. Its not on,losing with heart is one thing bottling it is something entirely different.

  16. We can blame the pitch for Dawson's slip, Crouch and Defoe for missing a host of chances and wrong team selection. Fact is we have a squad and team yesterday more than capable of winning and we didnt play well just as at Sunderland and perhaps now a combination of season burn out and missing key players has taken its toll. I also think we seem to hit a brick wall everytime this season we are presented by opposition who flood the midfield and stopy us playing our usual brand of flowing football. It was one of those days we could have had 12 players on the pitch and still not wonso fair play to Porstmouth, they worked their socks off and wanted it more, we seemed far too casual. Now our big players need to do a massive job and bounce back but I fear perhaps we will either get spanked by gooners and Chelski or do soemthing amazing. Losing Palacios is dissapointing but perhaps might help us to throw of the shackles, say what the hell and go all out attack from now till season end. The fat lady has not started singing yet.

  17. I agree with Gurson!
    How many times have we seen Palacios and Hudd in the middle against teams who sit 11 men behind the ball and seem incapable to break them down. Palacios and Hudd neither have the skills or brains to break these teams down and Harry has to take the blame here.
    Modric should have started in the middle with either Hudd or Palacios and BAE and Bale should have played on the left. Bentley has no pace whatsoever although he did do ok yesterday but i still would have had Kranjcar on the pitch any day.

  18. we lacked the desire and the will to win, these are what you also need in a team, and good luck to pompey, they had it in abundance.103 million of talent against 11 million of relegators, probably a combination of players and tactics, that lead to our defeat , with these traits, I worry how we will fair against the top 3 and city.


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