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Harry Redknapp was unhappy with his players after Spurs threw away a two-goal lead to lose 4-2 at Burnley.

Redknapp said: “I’m bitterly disappointed. At 2-0 it wasn’t even a game and you couldn’t see any way we wouldn’t go on and win the game comfortably. The crowd were getting edgy with them and it looked almost too easy.

“But they got a goal back and in the second half they came out and they were excellent. They ran all over us at times, I thought they played fantastic, and we really were a shadow of ourselves. I’ve no excuses. A lot of the defending was poor.”

“We’ve had a great season, I’ve been delighted with the performances during the year, but you always want to win,” he continued. “I didn’t come here just to have a jolly up. Maybe I should have made a few changes, one or two did look like they were running on empty a bit.”

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  1. I just think we’e ha a terrible season, i mean lost to burnley, wolves x 2 , Portsmouth, Stoke & sunderland.. i think this season has been horrible for the club. What has harry done for tottenham?? Nothing! The clubs falling apart.. relegtion battle next season

    • I think he is making a comment on the fickle nature of most Spurs fans.

      i.e. those who until a week ago thought Harry was a fraud and the Kaboul signing a joke.

      As for the defeat, a bit of an anti-cilmax….but Utd lost there too.

  2. Oh apart from picking us up off the bottom and finishing us in 8th one season, then Champions League the following season. You're right. He's done nothing.

    • Well, hes not won us a throphy like Juande 'The Great' Ramos, Oh what i'd do to get someone back at the club lke him.. best ive ever seen us play was under him.

  3. As a fan, I am as disappointed as Harry. Quite an anti- climax to an otherwise excellent season. Why did we have to lose today to a team that has been relegated? Isn’t this damaging to our prestige as a European-bound team after our great recent victory against a strong team like Man City. Despite the fact that we have already qualified to play in the European Champions League, we should have made an effort to finish the season on a WINNING note.. Such a defeat to a lowly team like Burnley is symptomatic of the ‘inconsistency’ that has plagued our season by dropping valuable points when we should have won. Had we not done so, we could have finished the season ahead of Chelsea and Man U.. If Spurs are going to have a still more successful srason next year, they should work hard at combatting inconsistency and complacency.

  4. fullbacks are not good enough..all season this has cost us..assou-ekotto is a liability, a lazy, sloppy player who doesnt give a damm, and kaboul all be it playing out of position lapses concentration. Even corluka isnt that great. So as highlighted here we need to address this before we enter the champions league as this has cost us many times this season. Also alnwick was terrible and we need a new striker to..none of our strikers have been standing out for a while now.

  5. I think its just a case of too many booze. They were out played in all department…. With this kind of attitude, we'll be out of the Champs League faster than it takes us to get in. Our forwards look jaded towards the last nine league games apart from Crouch's opener against Pompey, JD's penalty against Chelsea and Crouch's winner against Man City. Pav fizzled out, JD can't score in open play and the bean pole came from the bench most of the games without impact. These situations got to change if we're gonna make an impact in Champs League. A world class striker must be secured for the season ahead.

  6. Its not Harry's fault. He put out the best team. They did not perform. Stop bashing him! If he put out a 2nd team and lost, you would blamed him as well. So what did u want him to do? U people are full of rubbish!!!!

  7. Our defeat to Burnley proves how important it is to have a good reliable goalkeeper. Gomes in the goal would have made a difference. The young inexperienced Alnwick was not up to it. Just as well he did not have to play against Man City. It would have been a disaster. Yes, it is terribly important that we buy a good and experienced no. 2 goalkeeper for the next season plus a really good striker. Our striking force at the moment lacks sharpness and decisiveness up front. We have missed too many scoring opportunities this season which could have made a big difference to our general tally.
    Someone above in his comments attributes our defeat to ‘booze’. If it is really the case, it is quite a sad thing and really unacceptable in Sports. It only shows a lack of discipline which is no good for our image as a great team.
    While accepting that we have had a very good season ending up in the fourth position,it is nevertheless regrettable that a team of Spurs’ calibre should end on a losing note to Burnley and before that to Portsmouth, another relegated team. It is both humiliating and disappointing to the fans after all the great ‘fanfare’ in beating Man City. It has certainly taken something off our brilliance at the psychologically wrong time.. A lesson to learn for next year. For the sake of our good reputation as a great team, we must must display the combative spirit all the time right till the very end.

  8. Our unfortunate last match defeat to Burnley has come at the wrong time as I consider it a painful embarrassment not only to to the Spurs’ fans but more particularly to Redknapp after all the praise he has been receiving plus the best manager award for the season. How could the team have let him down in this manner..


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