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Harry Redknapp was disappointed as he watched Spurs throw away a point as his side lost 3-1 at Manchester United.

Spurs gave away two penalties and slack defending allowed Nani to put United back in front after Ledley King had earlier scored with a header from a Bentley corner.

“We didn’t play as well as we have,” he said.

“Even then with 10 minutes to go you are thinking about taking a point away from Old Trafford. But we gave away two sloppy penalties today.

“We didn’t defend well enough and it cost us in the end.”

“It’s all to play for still,” Redknapp added.

“It’s going be tight, it will go down to the last game I suppose.

“We’ve just got to keep going. We have Bolton at home next week which won’t be easy.

“Then we play Manchester City and Burnley and we need to pick up points from those games.”

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  1. Harry….you fucked up with the selection today !!!
    Palacios was a liability and gave the ball away far too often, and BAE should never have started right back,
    why did you change a winning formula ???
    Chelsea flooded the midfield in the same way that Manure play, yet we still played around them, and playing Bale at left back was too deep ….
    Please get the formation right for the remaining 3 games
    P:S lets hope Citeh and Villa fuck up !!!

  2. Its a game of who made more mistakes. Unfortunately it was us. We played alright overall i thought. Did well to come back from 1-0. Passed the ball realy well after that. Bale had an off day. Will give him that. Almost distracted…no thanks to ManUtd player tapping. But we still manage to get 6 points that no one thought we could. Lets leave this one behind and focus on the next game. Only thing needs practising is our finishing. Bale has to play midfield. Good to see Lennon back. I am sure we'll be firing on all guns for the last game at home!

  3. Rob…i think Harry didnt hv a choice. He couldn't play Kaboul at right back cause Nani and Giggs have too much pace. It worked in the 1st half. Unfortunately BAE has got the tendency of gving away cheap penalties. If that didn't happen, then no one would hv complained abt Harry's selection. Because BAE had to go right, everything had to change in midfiled.
    Doesn't matter. Don't think City will come away with anything from our stinking neighbours. So we will still be in the driving seat next weekend. And i think we got enough to get full points for our last 3 games!

  4. Did you notice the way Man UTD watered the pitch before the game and during half time.I can think of no reason for this other than making the pitch as slippery as possible.We all know how Spurs struggled on the Wembley Turf and it looked to me as if this was a factor in the penalty's we gave away.

    • If you had watched the post-match interviews following Inter Milan v Barcelona, then you would have heard Pep Guardiola commenting that they would water the pitch before the second leg.

      There then followed a discussion where it was pointed out that skillful passing teams tend to favour wet pitches, with short grass, while more physical teams tend to favour dry pitches with longer grass, as it slows down the play and makes accurate passing trickier.

      As such, I expect the Tottenham players feel happier playing on wet surfaces like OT and I'm sure that our groundsman will be watering the pitch before our game with Bolton.

  5. Put simply, it was the wrong team selection. I saw absolutely nothing today to suggest that BAE is a better right back than Kaboul. And from that fundamental error of judgement the whole balance of the team got disrupted. We deserved to lose.

  6. I am a gooner who has come on this site to give you spurs credit. I really think your squad is good enough to finish at least 4th each season and do well in the champions league. With today i think Harry did have the right selcetion. The only problem was as palacios was not involved in either derby he did not have the same momentum as the other players and it showed. Two mistakes cost you the game. Its not surprising United needed TWO penalties to beat you though as they always use that get-out-of-jail card.

    Here’s hoping we do you a favour and beat City.

  7. Gooner – spot on!! So called Spurs fans should get off Harry's back and try supporting him – fools all of you. No wonder we Spurs fans have such a bad name for being fickle. Sometimes I despair!!!!!

    Harry – unlucky today fella, but 6 from those 3 games is 'effing ace in my book……COYS!!!!

  8. We should have picked a point from this game but unfortunately we stupidly gifted Man U with 2 unnecessary penalties. Why do we continue making such silly mistakes that rob us of valuable points in crucial matches?. Palacios and BAE did not act like mature experienced players. They should have known better. Personally, I have never been a fan of Palacios. I find him clumsy and fouling much too frequently, thereby giving away set pieces and penalties. It was a mistake to have selected him for this match. I had said earlier on that he should not be in this match.

  9. selection was odd today – bentley looked out-classed but having lennon back gives me hope for 4th. pav was invisible. king is a god. best player for both teams.

  10. Have to agree about HR's changed formation today – it misfired and ultimately cost us points and potentially 4th place. Other thoughts – Defoe anonymous as usual in big games. Bale – defensive qualities way short of attacking ones. Palacios – shortcomings exposed every game, looks every bit a Wigan player. Finally back to HR – why FFS change a winning side if you don't have to? It's not the first time and you don't seem to learn.

  11. Wow!!!

    We lose in the last ten minutes to the best team in the league at home and the majority of you are ripping into the manager and slagging off the players. How about showing some support? Fickle b******s!!!!

    That said, I recently made the point that Bale's future might be as a midfielder rather than a defender and I was called a fool! So I was disappointed to see him start at left-back, but was cheered up when Andy Gray made the same comment about Bale's potential future as a forward rather than a defender.

    Still, provided we beat Bolton and Burnley, we only need a point at Man C. Furthermore, Man C have to play Aston Villa, who will also be desperate for points.

  12. what a bunch of whinging bastards. Best season we've had for donkey's years but you can still do a better job than harry. A few of players didn't turn up today and that was the problem not the team selection.

    Defoe, Palacios, BAE, Bents. you cant win at manc u while carrying that many poor performances, and it still took 2 gifted pens to beat us. Get over it.

  13. Let me tell you if we sell another Player in the prem we may as well pack up Sunderland lost 3 points Fulham lost 2 Pompy lost the chance of Wembley That could cost us near 50 million if we fail to get fourth. Harry only seems to pick a winning team if he is forced by Injury's and suspensions . Having sad that it makes no different who you pick if you give away two penalty's the ref i believe would have come to Utds rescue and was appointed for that reason but we gave him a helping hand . This is what we should be talking about Nani has a habit of going faster after half time and in big games and looks like is mate Ronaldo one min and a clown the next all the utd supporter cant believe is upturn in form since December . This would be okay and just a player finding is true form except for two reasons one he never shows this form in Internationals and two you don't nearly collapse twice in front of Millions on TV unless something is wrong b. Both Nani and Fletcher are ill looking along with Giggs Scholes the only one with any meat on him is Rooney and he is on the drug that is now legalized that masks Steroids for Baldness. So you could say both the volcanic erupting Evra sick was a Virus except Nani its Nanis second episode and all this at a club where the manager launches a boot at you if you fail makes you relies why Ferdinand run away from Testers.. There could be a simple reason for This near collapse to much Energy i have spoken to the Rumourman and he said they have all the symptoms of abuse gaunt looking late late goals and Dizzy spell and vomiting from overheating through chasing a ball dog fashion these are some of the questions need answering because there Man City and Mr BELLAMY ex Duracell Bunnie will be in the same high Tempo even Bolton and Burnley we need to join in our stop this or our season will be ruined energized sickos

  14. happy enough with the 6 points from 3 top 3 teams.

    dissapointing we lost but to be honest if we dont get fourth you have to look at the petty games we shot ourselves in the foot on……
    wolves home and away
    stoke home
    hull home
    everton away
    birmingham away

    not to mension the two draws against villa when we battered them!

  15. yeah-if we'd got four points or so more from those games you mention craig we'd be ok, but then that's happened to all the top teams this season. didn't wigan beat chelsea, and man utd, as well as arse? man city drew loads of games they should have won. we're on good form, despite the annual loss at OT. 2 wins and a draw with city will do it. city have a tough game against villa. at least it's all in our hands still…

  16. Harry Harry Harry, i dont care what kind of job harry has done, he has done so because of the squad he inherited. Tactically a clown, he never believed we were good enough to get a result there. Before the game he talked of possibly 5 in midfield WHY???????????? We had just beaten arse and chels playin that way so why, and Bentley please it is usually like playiong with ten when he is on on sat it was like 9.

    We need a playmaker in the middle, so obvious keep bale left wing and luka middle, or this ends up as a season of what could hAVE BEEN again

    More Confidence is needed, even now he still talks of 4th being tricky, go down to the last game yeah yeah yeah. Tell them we are in the driving seat, be positive and courageous instead of constantlt telling everyone we were nd from bootom, that was then THIS IS NOW TO DARE IS TO DO
    he should be urging us forward. Positiivty is needed and this guy has none,. Sad for the team i so greatly adore. COYS


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