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Harry Redknapp credited Sunderland following their 3-1 win against Tottenham Hotspur.

Former Spurs striker Darren Bent scored twice against his former side and was also denied a double from the penalty spot.

Redknapp said when asked about Bent’s goalscoring display: “It doesn’t bother me, good luck to him. He’s in good form, he scored a couple of goals, so what?”

He added: “It’s still wide-open, we just need to get one or two players back, that’s our problem.

“From the neutral’s point of view, it was probably a great game.

“They (Sunderland) were up for it today – they don’t play like that every week, do they?

“But today, they were full of it. They chased every ball, they pressed, they worked – they played very well today. Full credit to Sunderland.”

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  1. Not a good performance. It is a pity that Spurs always disappoint when we expect most from them. I knew before the match that our defence would be unable to cope without Dawson and our midfield was weak, too, with Modric playing in the wrong position. Let us look at it as ‘a bad day’ and not despair. We still have six more matches to show what we are capable of. Hopefully that by then, our injured players will be fit to play and make a difference to the team.

  2. Lets not over re-act and support the boys! I figured we'd lose this game- Sunderland were always going to play out of there skins…but a team with Pav, Modric, and Bentley that's 1/4 light-weight for an away game?? Poor team selection- kranjcar and Crouch should have been in and management should have been away after their 7-1 thumping Sunderland were up for this. This is most disappoint game but one I feel we can bounce back from if certain players will step up

  3. You can't keep saying it's just a bad day. There have been too many of them against sides way below us in the league. And there's a pattern to them as well – poor team selection and tactics by Redknapp. I always felt that Bent would come back to haunt us, thanks to old motormouth humiliating him when he was our player last season. What goes round comes round.

  4. No pace or energy. LENNON needs to come back before the Filth in ten days. If Harry wants the Cup more than 4th place, he does not have the best interests of the club at heart.

  5. Funny that. Spuds supporters were saying before the match that it was "wise" to rest Defoe & Krancar for the "bigger games" Oh dear.

  6. well dont tell me you have not bean warned i am in yorkshire and before the kick off i warned my fellow yids the tabs would be flowing . here are some romours to chew on two comments from Bobby Gould i have never seen a team run about has much in all the time i have watched football and whatever they have had i want some priceless comments to the Rumourman. Now to the ref Harry i have never seen three pens in a game ever welll here is some info about Mason he spent four years at Liverpool university also Liverpool were Sunderland's last opponents. They are known for being Duracell bunnies Sunderland where very slow last week but quick all-over this week .Bolo Zenden played for the bunnies has there been a gift sent to wunderlands fitness coach according to bobby Gould commentating they could have sent some Easte bunnies back up to Sunderland to help them beat there rivals You decide i am pissed of trying to warn you lot and getting called for grammar (EPHEDRINE)

    • This week readers we're pleased to announce a new competition.

      If you can come up with more nonsensical bollocks than Davspurs/theRumourman then you could win a 10 pound WHSmith voucher!

      Maybe you think that Man City are using a radio-controlled ball, or Fernando Torres is a cyborg. Let your imaginations flow….and don't forget to drink a bottle of whisky and TURN SPELL-CHECK OFF before you make your entry!

  7. Why do people always talk boll*cks after a defeat!!! What do you mean they always disappoint when we expect most from them??? They have won 5 games on the bounce, it was always going to be a difficult game today, especially with most of the defence missing. And as for bad team selection??? Bentley came off the bench and changed the game against Fulham and played well against Pompey so why should he be dropped for Kranjcar who was sh*t against Fulham. Its only one game and we have the FA cup semi final next week. Its our best season for 20 odd years, some people just talk boll*cks for the sake of it, not real Spurs fans just moaning C*nts

  8. I've drunk nearly a bottle of whiskey, and the spell check is off but I still can't understand theRumourman.
    I tried
    Really I did

  9. Today's result was more disappointing than a shock.
    The last 8 Premier League meetings between the two (including today's game) put Spurs ahead only by a +1 goal difference. Three wins each and two draws.
    Add to that the fact Darren Bent was always going to score today (given that football seems almost scripted at times) and the little matter that Spurs were chasing a sixth consecutive league victory (which just doesn't happen) and, earlier in the week, Steve Bruce publicly slated his team and his own tactical cock-up at Liverpool and called for a response.
    It's been a good season. Harry has done a brilliant job, but at the same time, we must concede his strengths are mainly in the 'man-management' area. As far as tactics go, he quite often buggers up the starting eleven and game-plan, but pulls it back with half-time bollockings and what-not.
    I'm disappointed by today's result, but on the bright side at least we weren't playing a top side (remember Villa humilation at Chelsea last week) Time to regroup and book a second trip to Wembley!

  10. Typical Spurs bottling it as usual. And now their fans turn to the only thing that might brighten up their pathetic, bitter, twisted world – trying to win a local derby for the first time in donkey's years, or the reflected glory of another team beating them in a competition that their club has never come near to qualifying for.. Did I hear someone mention laughing stock ?

  11. Come to mention it, it would be nice to knock arsenal out of their stride.. 2-0 to the spurs I recon – ah, feeling better already.

  12. it was harrys fault, yes we have half the team out, but im not using that as an excuse, the problem today was harry playing players in the wrong positions! Modric should never of played in the centre. We know he is lightweight, there, we know he cant play there in the prem league, so why was he put there up against a physical team? Why was gudjohnson not played there with wilson adding strength. Why on earth did we play assou? He fails in so many ways..always concedes fouls, his concentration level is awful and he drags our central defenders out wide because of his in-ability to defend. The corner from the first goal was conceded by him, he didnt have to knock it out for a corner. Bale should have been there, we know bale plays better forward play attacking from left back rather than left wing, we know modric plays better left why cant harry see this? We had no pace yet our pacey striker defoe was sat on the bench, we needed someone to hold the ball up, someone good in the air..yet crouch was left on the bench, when we play teams like sunderland we need these players! Also unfortunately kaboul is no dawson and thats one change that we couldnt help and dawson missing showed big time..there was no leadership at the back with kaboul there, bassong as decent as he is needs to play alongside a leader. Today kaboul simply wasnt what dawson is. So in my opinion harry got it wrong from the moment his team sheet was written up. The team should have been, gomes. Walker, kaboul, bassong, bale. Bentley, Palacios, gudjohnson, modric, defoe and crouch. Its balanced, has pace and someone to hold the ball up upfront. The midfield would have been stronger. Why did harry not go with this..its not rocket science is it?! And this is why harry is not a top 4 manager because he fails to play the players at his disposal properly. Wenger and fergie wouldnt play modric in the centre against a physical team they would realise it wouldnt work..this proves harry is not as good technically. He may have injuries to contend with but that team was available, he just failed to put it out correctly. He is just another martin lol im afraid.

    • You plonker, you are so clever after the event. When has Gudjohnson ever played CM. If you hadn't noticed modric has played in CM during our record equalling run of wins in the prem and during the majority of a run of 1 defeat in 15 games, so suddenly when we lose 1 game, you knew all along that he was no good there. This run included away games to physical teams including stoke and wigan. You have put crouch up front but I will put money on it that you have been bleating on for months that Pav is god and crouch shouldn't be played in front of him. You really are einstein arent you. Because you have come out with a couple of throw away sentances you have "proved" that Harry is no good technically. You prat

  13. You lot are a complete and utter joke, an embarrasment to spurs fans. Poor management and team selection? you bunch of pathetic prats.

    You are the same bunch of tossers repeatedly saying that Crouch should be axed for PAV. Because we have lost you brain dead geniuses have now decided after the event that Crouch should have started. Well done. In your smug hindsight modric is too weak for CM. The same Modric who has orchestrated wins from CM during our best ever run in the premiership.

    Grow up ffs and stop saying we are going to win the league every time we win a game and that we are going to be relegated every time we lose. Twats

  14. Ok so I am not surpirsed by this result, we have been on a great run of late and sometimes this is what happens to end it, I mean we could not have been any worse. Lets move on, we lose 4th spot today but now the lads know we have to fight it back – its game on and I fully expect Liverpool to win and it will be a 4 horse race again. Arsenal and Chelsea both look ominous, and perhaps these are the two defining games of the season but we are desperatley in need of some of our long term injured back, we are a bit thin on the ground. Kaboul to be fair hasnt played alongside Bassong, and itr was clear to see Modric offers little as a leader being captain for a day. All the top sides have a big leader – one who regularly features in the team, John Terry, Steven Gerrard etc. We just seem to pass it to whoever is fit, and we lacked leadership yesterday. Perhaps with King or Dawson in the side we might have been a bit tighter.

  15. all you muppets who turn on your spurs team over 1 game r c*nts, call ya self suporters!!! i pity you fools as u are 2 blind backstabbing your team rather then getting behind them like where the word support comes from!!! are u all so stuck up your own asses that you cant see how far we have come, and that the season aint over yet!!! theres still plenty 2 play for and what we need is belief 2 spur are team on right through the end through and through we need to be as one!!! we are the 12th player off the team!!! we win together and lose togeher its the nature of the game!!! they need us to help push on to glory we desire, other wise who else are they gona win it for!!! wots the point in getting so far or even higher if we can!!! haha
    theres no room for losers like you lot chating $hit because your all baffoons who fkin know crap about football!!!



    • Well said SPURS FANATICK.

      I've said all along, judge the team by their points total at the end of the season.

      We are still on course for our best ever season in the Premiership and our highest points total since 1987!!!!

      It might not be enough for 4th, but take nothing away from Harry and the lads. For the main part of the season they have been outstanding!!!

      Believe in yourself lads, get 4 points from the next three games and we have a real chance.



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