Redknapp: Adebayor will be a hero at Spurs


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp believes that Emmanuel Adebayor can be a hit with Spurs fans, since Arsenal fans already hate him.

The striker is on the erage of a one year-loan deal at Spurs with chairman Daniel Levy in advanced talks with Manchester City.

Redknapp said: “Arsenal fans hate him so ours will love him. He’ll be a hero because he upset Arsenal.”

Redknapp added: “He was fantastic when we played Madrid. We couldn’t handle him.

“He was almost unplayable when he was with Arsenal and that’s why City paid £25m for him.

“If he comes to Tottenham with his head on and really wants to play, he could be sensational.

“The chairman has been talking to Manchester City about him and I genuinely don’t know where they’re at.

“But it’s probably going to be a loan deal anyway so we can’t go wrong.”

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  1. Actually Harry he wasn’t unplayable while at Arsenal. He had one good season then strolled around like an idiot, spending most of his time offside or petulantly berating his team mates. In fact he was very easy to play against. Ask yourself why Man City, Arsenal and Real Madrid don’t want him. It’s simple. He’s a Pratt. He can play, when he wants, but he is a monumental Pratt.

  2. The problem with him is his head, he does wrong things at the wrong time so its easy to hate him. And once a few boos come his way he switches off completely.

    I bet he may score against us but by March, every Spurs fan will be offering to give him a lift back to Man Shitty.

  3. The fans will be the judge of that he wont be if he performs ordinary for most games which is what i expect. You have to earn hero status and our adoration so we shall see im not convinced though


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