Report claims what Mourinho has told Florentino Perez about Bale


According to Defensa Central, Jose Mourinho has told Real Madrid supremo Florentino Perez that he is ‘fed up’ with Gareth Bale.

Bale has struggled to make an impact since joining Tottenham on loan in the summer.

Mourinho publicly criticised the Welshman for contradicting his statement regarding his fitness through his Instagram post on Tuesday.

The Times claimed last week that the 31-year-old is keen to have a run in the side so that he can prove his worth and build up his fitness ahead of the Euros in the summer.

However, if Defensa Central is to be believed, the returning superstar is unlikely to get a regular run in the side anytime soon as the Spurs boss is said to be far from happy with the winger.

The report claims that Mourinho has already communicated his discontent and disappointment with Bale to Perez, who remains a close friend of the Portuguese coach.

The Tottenham boss is said to increasingly regret the decision to bring him to North London and reportedly believes that Bale is not half the player he was a few years ago.

Spurs Web Opinion

It goes without saying that Mourinho will not be pleased with the version of Bale we have seen at Spurs so far this season. However, one always has to take reports about the Welshman from Madrid-based publications with a pinch of salt as there is nothing they enjoy more than twisting the knife in on the 31-year-old.

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  1. He’s not featuring much with Tottenham . That’s the point!

    Bale is what he is and Mourhino is the Tottenham manager. I don’t like descisions the manager makes when he picks or doesn’t pick players to play for the first team. But without any choice I support the manager and the Chairman becuase I support Tottenham. I often regret it and had I my life to live over I might well have decided to support Arsenal?

    I go by players and football teams operating well. The individual players involved and their roles in a team are important. I question the nonsensical notion that some players are supported and others denigrated. tottenham pick from the best they have? If Davies Dier and Winks are around it’s another forget about it time for me. my one point is that every singular player must fight and be able to fight in their roles.

    Son has been disastrous in his role far too often. The usual build up of adulation is overblown again with this player. There is no excuse for playing a player like that for the rewards strikers get for remaining in a team. A better player within the team could make Son huge advantage to the way the Tottenham team should operate if they wish to win success? Media and pundits broadcast the great duo and the mesmerized public followers swallow. Most importantly supporters of Tottenham swallow. It’s a form of contagious magic! I like Son. He’s far too inconsistent as a team player and he si very limited as a player. He wouldn’t hold his place at a top club anymore than Eriksen among others did. Son and Eriksen were of the same mould. Both were adored by media and extolled as being fulcrums to an evolving Tottenham team? It’s the sort of nonsense that cannot be mentioned let alone considered on mainstream stuff. Real football supporters will understand that the entire Son/Kane myth has become established. When Son plays, which he always seems to do, he plays as a second striker. For far too much of the time Son contributes next to nothing when compared to Lamela for instance? This hatred of Lamela and adoration of Son is entirely contrived.

    All may be nice guys? Lloris for a long time has been problematic! Aurier also hated by fans has been one of the best players Tottenham have on the pitch.

    Dier, Davies, Winks and others have all severe limitations and wouldn’t get into a top club’s squad for long. Whatever the pundits repeat and however much I am inclined to support Son as a goalscorer and a real professional, whose efforts and attributes are to respected and lauded, he but who remains a weak player for Tottenham’s team. It’s not his fault either!

    He is consistently poor during matches. His goal scoring assumes him a place in the sides. Another player who can score and consistently and provide really dynamic outlets for the team is required. Personally, I’d sell Son and replace with better. He’s a weak link Tottenham cannot afford! He’s never been brilliant and amazing, except for short periods in his protracted reign up top. Were it not for Kane, Son would have been forced to do more than score some important goals? He would, without much doubt, have been forced to prove his worth? He has not done that and yet if Tottenham wish to attain to the highest football levels, somebody who can do that is immediately required, for the team to achieve well consistently.


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