Report: Ex-Spurs man reveals how he nearly died playing for Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Ex-Tottenham Hotspur player, Christian Ziege, has now revealed how he was left fighting for his life while playing for the Lilywhites after being taken to hospital.

Ziege joined Tottenham from Liverpool back in 2001 and went on to play for Spurs for three seasons in the league. He managed 55 games in a Tottenham shirt during that time, scoring an impressive ten goals (Wikipedia).

The ex-Lilywhite told the Mirror this week of the time he taken to hospital on Boxing Day in 2002 after suffering from a freak injection reaction.

Ziege had a dead leg, with subsequent swelling, and was given an injection to combat it. However, with blood trapped between two layers of skin, the issue was far more serious than first thought.

His wife insisted that he go to hospital, but by the time he arrived he was unconcious and was fighting for his life.

The Mirror claim in their report that Ziege nearly died.

He said: “I had a dead leg, no big deal. But my thigh was swelling and swelling. I learned later that the blood was trapped between two skins, it had nowhere to go.

“I did not want to go to hospital, not at Christmas, but my wife insisted. Thank God she did. By the time we arrived, I was unconscious. There was pressure on everything inside my body, I was fighting for my life.

“They opened the leg and it went down like a balloon. But it left a big hole, something went completely wrong. I still suffer now, but I am also lucky. Another 30 minutes and they would have cut off my leg to save me.

“In this moment, you realise that life is so much more than just a football game.”

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