The Mirror report that Tottenham stand to earn over £1.5m from the World Cup this winter, due to the number of players they have attending the tournament. 

FIFA have decided to pay clubs on a per-player-per-day basis for the Qatar World Cup, meaning the longer your players stay in the competition, the more cash you earn.

Daniel Levy

OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

If Tottenham’s travelling squad stay in the tournament long enough, earnings could reportedly break the £2m barrier, although Conte will likely have his fingers crossed for nothing more than an injury-free month.

FIFA are paying out approximately £8,500 per day for each player. Due to the six days of training and 13 days of group-stage matches, each player will earn at least £161,500 for Spurs. The competition then goes on for another 16 days, but it depends on how Tottenham’s players get on in the knockouts.

Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Tottenham are the only Premier League teams to have more than 10 players attending the World Cup in Qatar.

Spurs Web Opinion:

Even if you got paid out £20m for the tournament, it would not make up for a really key player picking up a nasty injury. There really are no positives for the tournament being held mid-season. It’s not fair on the players, fans, clubs, and certainly sends a bad social message with it being in Qatar.

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