Report: How one man paid £16,000 to watch the Champions League final on TV

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It has been more than one week since Tottenham Hotspur lost to Liverpool in a heartbreaking Champions League final in Madrid.

Spurs knocked out the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Man City, and Ajax on the way to the final, but their Premier League rival appeared to be one step too far.

The Reds scored after just one minute, with a Sissoko handball handing them a penalty which Salah gobbled up with aplomb.

Spurs went on to dominate the game in terms of possession and shots, but failed to carve many meaningful chances in the 90 minutes.

Liverpool eventually added a second and Spurs were sent home with nothing but memories and runners up medals for their efforts.

The Liverpool Echo has now reported that a man aboard a cruise ship paid £16,000 to secure a license to show the final live in a screening room.

It is not known who the man was, but one woman on board the cruise ship has recalled the events.

Let’s just hope the poor bloke was a Liverpool fan, because paying £16,000 to watch your team lose is too much to bear.

The woman said (Liverpool Echo): “We were on a cruise to Alaska which set off from Vancouver. There were rumours they were going to play the match.

“Then they announced they had managed to get a licence to screen the footy live on board.

“It was going around that some bloke had paid £16,000 to get it!

“There were roughly 2000 people on the boat and about 150 watched the match.”

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