Report: Jose Mourinho’s relationship with his players ‘on a knife-edge’


The Independent’s Miguel Delaney has claimed that Jose Mourinho runs the risk of losing his job since the relationship with some of his players has become strained.

Multiple reports over the last few weeks have indicated that Mourinho could be sacked if Spurs do not finish in the top four this season.

The Portuguese coach was extremely critical of his players after his side threw away another lead against Newcastle last Sunday and it was reported last week that the Tottenham players were becoming ‘fed up’ at Mourinho’s tendency to question their ability

The Tottenham boss came out fighting in his press conference on Friday, accusing the media outlets of speculating on what is going on behind the scenes at the club without knowing the true facts.

Delaney has now written that the Tottenham boss’ behaviour is similar to how it was towards the end of his time at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Juventus.

However, he reveals that the difference is that Mourinho has not lost the Tottenham dressing room completely just yet.

Sources suggest that the Spurs players have a “mixed” feeling about the 58-year-old but his future is said to be on a “knife-edge”, with a few more wrong steps potentially costing him his job.

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Delaney has never been a fan of Mourinho and so some would suggest that this report should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, the journalist does raise some interesting points by comparing some of Mourinho’s interviews towards the end of his time at Real Madrid and Manchester United, to the kind of words he is now saying.

As Delaney points out, it does not appear as if Mourinho has lost the players yet. The leaders of the dressing room (Lloris, Kane, Hojbjerg) still seem to have bought into his methods. Despite some of the controversial things Mourinho has said over recent weeks, there is also a case to be made that he has become a little more constrained with his words and actions than he was during the end of his time at Madrid and United, where he seemed to be needlessly picking fights with the media.

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