Report: ‘Not what I wanted or expected’ – Levy ‘shaken’ by Super League reaction

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The Sun has revealed that Daniel Levy has been left ‘shaken’ by the backlash that the European Super League announcement has received.

On Sunday, the footballing world was shocked by the announcement that Tottenham, along with the remainder of the Premier League’s ‘big six’, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus had signed on to be founding members of a breakaway European Super League.

The move received widespread condemnation from within the game, with many calling for the clubs who signed up for the breakaway competition to be punished. 

It has been reported that Tottenham only signed up for the ESL in order to have leverage over UEFA regarding the newly proposed format of the Champions League.

It was added that only the three American owned clubs (Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal) are really sold on the model. 

The Sun has now revealed that, in an act of contrition, Levy told Brighton chief executive Paul Barber to pass on details of a conversation they had before the 14 clubs left out of the ESL met with league chief Richard Masters.

The Spurs chairman reportedly admitted that he may have misjudged the mood of the nation and apparently said it was “not what I wanted, or expected.”

The report claims that the 14 clubs are increasingly confident that they have the six rebels on the run.

Barber is quoted as saying: “Daniel says this all grew from a feeling that Uefa simply doesn’t listen to us as a League.

“He believes the big clubs deserve more respect and more money.”

Despite Levy’s attempt to escalate matters, it is said that the 59-year-old was not spared from the wrath of the 14 clubs.

One club source revealed: “Paul was told to pass on a simple message back – that Daniel and the rest of them were destroying all of us by this act.

“We are all still seething at what has gone on. Every single one of us.

“There is no sympathy at all for Levy or anyone else involved. They’re the ones who put us in this position because of their greed.”

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  1. Not what he expected, Levy by his actions is guilty of scheming and plotting to undermine the very traditions of football, and casting the ugliest of blemishes on our football club in the process. Indeed the footballing powers of all six clubs plotting the ESL move behind the backs of the established bodies which govern football should be utterly ashamed and those involved in this decision making process should be personally accountable for their deceit. Levy himself has proven how misdirected he actually is for many years now selling THFC markedly short with regards to footballing matters and the reason above all why Spurs are failing continually to fall short in succeeding. With this latest and most catastrophic miscalculation it only further proves it is time to take a new direction and the honourable thing would be for him to now step down from running this club so horrendously.


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