Report: Paul Pogba embarrasses the entire Tottenham squad on Instagram stats

Image: SpursWeb

In recent seasons, Tottenham Hotspur have managed to embarrass Man United in the Premier League table, finishing above them time and time again.

Spurs even recorded a 3-0 win at Old Trafford at the start of last season, with Lucas Moura at the double against the Red Devils.

However, it appears that Man United still remain the kings in one aspect, social media. The pull of the iconic red shirt still brings in more followers than any other Prem team.

Tank have recently concluded a study into the total number of Instagram followers per Premier League squad and it doesn’t make good reading for Spurs.

Man United are top by a long way with 109,499,200 combined, followed by Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Spurs, who bring up the rear in the top six.

However, the embarrassing note comes when you realise that Paul Pogba has more followers on the platform that Tottenham’s entire squad combined.

Harry Kane has Spurs’ most followers with 8.8m, but even he is beaten by Willian, Ozil, Jesus, Salah, Luiz, De Bruyne, and more.

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  1. This is indicative of what’s wrong with today’s game .i.e Luiz etc etc come.feom.big countries with many more people than the UK so the fact they have more followers stands to reason .as for pogba give me less followers less attitude any day stupid article

  2. Do you know there are.many more people in Africa than the UK .both pogba and Salah are massive there hence the following this is the most ridiculous article comparing Instagram followers and not like for like compare Kane’s followers to Amy other England player .like for like or not at all also it’s have the biggest fan base so that also stands to reason please if you’re going to write am article at least make it worthwhile read instead of pathetic comparisons

  3. That might be the worst football article I have ever read. Is that really the best you can up with? Please don’t quit your day job!!

    • This is my day job… mum will be so disappointed :(

      This was an Express article by the way. We are just here to put all things Spurs in one place, that’s all.

      • I like this article. I think its relevant for this day and age. I liked the fact that its true, enjoyable, and gives some prospective of the PL off the field. Thanks sir for not inventing BS like other sites do

  4. Stupid article! Stuff Insta…whatever it is. Do people really care that much about social media apart from those that are on it! Oh hang on let me take a selfie! Not really informative Spurs news is it. Why not find out why our team looks a complete mess!


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