Report: PL big six missing out on £700m in combined revenue from ‘failing to understand’ fans

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According to The Daily Mail, researchers for the latest edition of the Fan Relationship Index, which is produced by the CLV Group, have found out that the ‘big six’ clubs are missing out on a potential £700m in additional revenue due to not understanding fan preferences.

The report claims that Tottenham Hotspur, along with Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool, are not fully aware of the characteristics and preferences of their global fan base.

It is said that if they understood the demands of their fan base better, all of these clubs could rake in a lot more in terms of commercial revenue and would also be able to improve their service to supporters.

The report explains, for example, that Spurs fans are actually the most receptive to digital banking propositions while Man Utd fans are 74 per cent more interested in cryptocurrency than the average member of the public.

It is also asserted that the likes of Tottenham could potentially make more than £50m from a global content subscription service.

Spurs Web Opinion

The fact that Tottenham are set to launch ‘SpursPlay’, which is expected to be the new home for the club’s digital content, suggests that the club are aware of what they stand to gain from a global content subscription service.

Some Spurs fans may not like the move but I personally think it is a win-win situation. Fans who want more access to content (such as live streaming youth matches) can pay for it if they wish and the club would benefit financially.

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