Report: Real Madrid make key decision on Christian Eriksen transfer

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The future surrounding Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen has been up in the air for some time now, as the Great Dane enters the final year of his contract.

However, fans were finally treated to some transparency this week, after Eriksen claimed he was ready to move onto a new challenge and a step up (Ekstra Bladet).

Real Madrid have been heavily linked with the playmaker, with some outlets even saying that a deal has been agreed between the player and Madrid (Daily Star).

However, Sport now claim that Real Madrid are cooling their interest in the Danish midfield maestro as they cannot meet the valuation provided by Tottenham.

Spurs are said to have quoted £105m for Eriksen, while Real Madrid do not want to pay over £70m for his services.

Eriksen indicated that if a deal from a big club did not come in, then he would be open to signing a new contract at Spurs (Ekstra Bladet), but has the damage been done?

Spurs Web Opinion:

As far as I am concerned, Eriksen’s Tottenham career is over. The player has been fantastic for six years, and I have no ill feeling towards his desire to leave. However, you cannot say that you will leave if a big offer comes in, but will sign a new deal if it doesn’t. Spurs are not a second choice. We want players who are fully committed and motivated to win things at the club, not players who will have their heads turned by the next big offer.

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  1. I think the other way Seb as Eriksen has never hidden the fact Real Madrid is his dream move he always said ” It wud be hard for a player to turn down a move if the Bernabeu came calling”. So he is not saying I’ll stay here if its my only option and he is not threating the club to see out his last year and leave for free. He is saying he wud leave for Real as its a step up but if they dont come in hard for me I’ll sit down and work out a new contract. To me he has worked hard in his career to get where he is now he is ready to step up again, I say good luck but I hope you stay

  2. Quite a condemnation Seb!. Eriksen IMO cannot be blamed for wanting to wait to see if a better offer materializes. If not, accept the new deal from Spurs. How do you feel about Kane ? who has made it increasingly obvious that (despite who pays his wages, training and rehab) his first loyalty is to England and Southgate. Spurs hyas been Harry’s second choice for over a year.

  3. Here we go again.

    Real say Spurs valuation is too high eh. Wow that number has been a moving target hasn’t it. They have not had to set a firm evaluation yet because their has never been an offer. If there was one coming the odds are diminishing after their Hazard signing. I hope they get a deal done and anything north of 25 million is a good move. As for Druid and his slagging of Harry Kane. have you asked him how he feels about Spurs? I have no idea what you are on about.

  4. Come on Seb – that’s just BS. Every player at the Spurs would be flattered to have interest shown from Real Madrid. I don’t think you could ever doubt the commitment of Eriksen. He has consistently been the player that has run the most and is by far the player that has created the most chances. And he had done this at a salary that is rumored to be around £ 75000 a week. Kane is now on £ 200000 and Alli is on 150000. I would think that the Spurs could offer him something that is closer to Kane than Alli and then see if he wants to stay. If he is still off to Real Madrid then fine. However, don’t count him out. And show him the respect he has earned. We have been lucky to have him and I hope that we can continue to have him. Should he sign a new contract and leave within a year or two the transfer we would get would be even higher.

    • I think you missed the point if what I said. I love Eriksen and he has been outstanding for six year, and I wish him all the best if he leaves. However, once you come out and say you want a step-up to a new club, you can’t also say that you’ll sign a new deal if they don’t want you. That’s like saying to your partner, I’m going to try and cheat with that good looking person over there, but don’t worry, if they say no I’ll come right back.


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