Report reveals change to what fans will see during VAR offside checks

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ESPN have revealed that fans will not be shown the working out processes of offsides from the Premier League 2021/22 season onward.

The implementation of VAR in the Premier League has generated quite a bit of controversy over the last few years.

The marginal offside calls have been a source of much frustration for fans, with Tottenham being one of the clubs bearing the brunt of some questionable decisions.

In contrast to the Premier League, the VAR system used in the European Championships was much faster, especially with respect to offside decisions.

ESPN have explained that this is because at the Euros, UEFA appointed twice as many officials for each game, including a dedicated VAR for offside while everything is done by one lead VAR in the Premier League.

The report reveals that decisions are not expected to be sped up in the Premier League next season as there is a shortage of qualified assistants to fill an additional VAR role for offsides across every Premier League game.

However, the one change that will be incorporated from the Euros is the manner in which offside decisions are revealed to the fans.

Fans will also no longer be shown the working out process of offsides with multiple lines being drawn on the screen, with VAR instead just revealing the final decision instead.

The Premier League had already previously confirmed that a bigger margin of error will be included in offside decisions by making the lines thicker in order to give the benefit of doubt to the attacker during marginal calls.

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While I am completely okay with the process of the offside decisions not being shown on screen, I worry this will just embolden conspiracy theorists who think that the FA and the Premier League favour some clubs over others.

I suspect we will see some idiots on social media questioning the legitimacy of some offside decisions by posting screenshots from incorrect angles when decisions go against their clubs.

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  1. In other words, they no longer want us to see when they put their Anti Spurs Bias on the decision.
    Yeah I get it loud and clear!!!


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