Report reveals the staggering amount Spurs are making on food and drink at the new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have only played four games in their brand new stadium, but the differences are already beginning to shine through, on and off the pitch.

Spurs have won four games out of four, scoring eight, and conceding none in that time, including a Champions League win over Man City.

However, what may raise even more eyebrows around Tottenham is the sheer amount of money they are making on food and drink alone at the new ground each match day.

A report by The Sun claims that Tottenham are raking in a revenue of £800,000 per match on their various food and drink outlets.

The big-ticket restaurants such as the Chef’s Table, Galvin’s, or The Vault bring in the most money, with the street food vendors and brewery topping up the sum nicely.

If they kept this up for 19 homes games in the Prem, and at least three home group stage matches in the Champions League, Spurs would make around £17.6m in a season.

That doesn’t event include fixtures in the League Cup, FA Cup, pre-season, Champions League knockouts, and non-football events such as NFL and boxing.

To put that number into context, £17.6m would be enough to pay for Harry Kane’s £200,000 per week salary for well over a year and a half (Telegraph).

When you compare this to League leaders Man City, who rake in just £150,000 per match on food and drink, it really showcases the thought that has gone into the new Spurs stadium.

Spurs Web Opinion:

Although an extra £20m or so a season will not take Spurs up to the levels of Man City and Man United, and the spending power that goes with it, it is a huge step in the right direction. It shows that Spurs are making the most of every single opportunity to both provide an experience for the fans, as well as making more money to reinvest in the club and the squad. Plus, the food ain’t half bad either!

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  1. Revenue does not equal profit. If we assume a food cost of 40% and other costs of 25% which is industry standard then the profit on 800k is 280k before tax. So not as much as this article would have you believe.

  2. I have spent on average over £30 each game I have attended, same as my mates. I never used to spend a penny in the old ground.

  3. I have queued and stuff has sold out. Then missed 10 mins of second half in a queue. Saw loads of people giving up. If they can get this sorted out they will increase revenue further and keep fans happy


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