Report reveals the transfer war chest that Conte demanded from Levy

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The Sun have claimed that Antonio Conte demanded a huge war chest in excess of £100m in order to take over as Tottenham’s next head coach.

Tottenham have ended talks with Conte and it looks as though the club’s managerial chase could be about to reset, with the arrival of Fabio Parataci potentially leading to a new set of targets (according to Alasdair Gold at 9:06).

That comes as a big blow to Spurs who have already missed out on several names at the top of their wishlist, like Julian Nagelsmann, Brendan Rodgers and Mauricio Pochettino.

Some Spurs fans on social media were left fuming when they learned that the club had ended their interest in Conte.

The Sun have now claimed that the reason for a breakdown in talks between Spurs and Conte was mainly down to the Italian’s transfer demands.

On top of a £15 million-a-year salary, the 51-year-old reportedly wanted more than £100m to be invested in new signings.

Levy reportedly felt that Conte’s excessive demands could have potentially catastrophic financial implications for the club in the long term.

It is explained that the Spurs chairman was also ‘wary’ of Conte’s reluctance to make use of the club’s academy talent.

Spurs Web Opinion

There is no doubt that the club have made themselves look silly with the Conte saga but if the Italian’s demands were unrealistic, Levy would have had no choice to pull out from talks. The problem in the situation is Spurs not realising in the first place that Conte was not a realistic target given the club’s current predicament.

However, I have no time for fans who accuse Levy of not showing enough ambition by promising Conte whatever he is asking for. We are coming out of a global pandemic, which has come at the worst possible time for Spurs, a club whose financial health has always been sound under ENIC’s ownership.

We are a self-sustaining club and that will not change under the current ownership. We have been able to increase our transfer spending and wage budget over recent years due to the growth in commercial and matchday income.

So to steer the club through this era will be a challenge for Levy and for fans to just demand the club to mindlessly throw money at Conte, without worrying about where that could leave us in a few years, are incredibly short-sighted.

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  1. So the question I ask myself is as levy according to Google has a personal fortune of a billion pounds does he need a salary. In his time we have went from a club that won fa Cup and Cup winners to 1 Cup in 22 years of his leadership. In that leadership he has went from a average Joe to billionaire. He has hired and fired as many managers as mickey ds. He has bought because he is in charge of the money some rubbish players and refused to buy top top players who would have made a difference.
    Now we will loose another great spurs legend because levy will not go that extra mile because the team comes second and his investment comes first. He will continue to feed fans the five more years rubbish and another rubbish manager. Says something when one of our brightest young players is looking at houses in Norwich. Why. Maybe he feels with levy in charge he will never win as much at spurs as he has at Norwich. Levy is full of bull and a money man feeding fans the bull we can’t afford to but dias so we stick with dier and sanchez. What a load of bull. We can’t afford greelish that extra 6 million or whatever it was what a load of bull. We can’t afford fernandez so we will loan another and pay bale at least the same as kane if not more to score goals against rubbish teams oh yes sorry he managed 2 in the last game against Leicester. One of the world’s top paid players and he can’t score against arsenal. What a load of levy bull you have put up here open your eyes. Levy is taking every fan for a ride the get levy and Joe Lewis rich ride but don’t expect to win anything because we don’t deal in silver only gold. What a sad fool you are prove me wrong. Show me compared to a small team like Leicester over the last 22 years wjo has won more trophies. I await your answer please also factor in the cost of watching the team who is more expensive to watch.


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