Report rubbishes Pochettino’s claims and says Spurs are working on two more signings

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has been particularly outspoken about his role at the club this week, stating that his role should be changed back to head coach (Guardian).

Pochettino’s job title was switched from coach to manager back in 2016 when he signed a new contract with the club.

However, he no longer feels as if he is in charge of transfer situations at the North London club, with Spurs seemingly stalling in the market after two early purchases (BBC).

However, a new report from the Telegraph has shed some light on the situation at Spurs. It firstly states that Spurs are not interested in changing Poch’s role at the club.

Pochettino is apparently part of a four-man transfer team at Tottenham, along with chairman Daniel Levy, head scout Steve Hitchen, and head of development John McDermott.

The Argentine also reportedly has a say on all transfers at Spurs and played an integral part in landing Ndombele, as well as selling Kieran Trippier.

Daniel Levy will apparently now work closely with Poch over the next couple of weeks to secure two more signings for Tottenham before the deadline.

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  1. that always was the case…poch knew the score when he signed a new contract last year – think he was frustrated with the journo`s constantly asking him

    sit back, relax and enjoy the new season, all will be fine

  2. Whatever. The problem (for MoPo) is that any more signings come VERY late (if at all) in the transfer window and any new players have no time to train or play with the team. This is the thing that MoPo has complained about before several times. LML strikes again (matbe……).

  3. People need to wake up and be logical. Poch is playing the media like he always has and the fact our own base can’t see that after 5 years is frightening. Not only for yourselves but as a club being manhandled by the media all the time without changing the narrative ourselves. He did not want to answer questions about transfers and thought saying what he did would stop that, simple. He heads a transfer committee and had a hand in Ndombele and Tripps as usual. What is the problem?


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