Report: Spurs involved in multi-million pound rebate with broadcasters

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Football.London are reporting that all Premier League clubs including Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly in negotiations with the broadcasters to reduce the rebate amount that they will have to pay.

It was revealed last month that top-flight clubs will have to pay a rebate in excess of £350million to the likes of Sky and BT since they will be delivering a diminished product without the fans in the stadia (Evening Standard).

There are new ways being discussed to make the league a better spectacle including computer-generated fans and allowing cameras access to what happens inside the dressing rooms.

Football.London have revealed that the clubs were hoping to get the rebate rate reduced to £170million but have been unsuccessful in doing so.

A deal in principle of £330million is now said to have been agreed with the broadcasters but negotiations are still said to be ongoing in how the payments are scheduled and will be discussed in a meeting on Thursday.

Clubs are said to be hopeful that the repayment could be made over the next two seasons.

There have reportedly been suggestions that the bigger clubs should pay a larger proportion of the bill but that has not been confirmed as of yet.

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Given the fact that clubs’ other revenue streams have also stopped, it certainly will not be easy for clubs to repay the amount owed to broadcasters. This is one of the main reasons that we might see some smaller clubs being forced to sell some of their assets this summer in order to cope with the financial hit.

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